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5 Affordable Ways to Make a Room Feel Refreshed

If you're like most people, you've invested a good amount of money and time into making your living spaces look just right. However, that "perfect" look can start to feel a little dated after just a few years. The good news is that you can refresh your room and give it an exciting new look while still keeping all of the core components, like carpeting, furniture and window treatments. Here are a few easy update ideas:
outdoor pillows

1. Swap out the pillows

Changing the throw pillows on your sofa, your chairs and/or your bed can change the look of your entire room or patio. Add chevron-striped pillows for a modern touch or intricate floral pillows for more of an old world feel.

table lamps

2. Change the lighting

Replacing a table lamp, or switching it out for a pendant lamp, can redirect the focal points in your room and make your room look warmer and more inviting. Remember the old decorating adage: every room should have at least three different sources of light!

3. Hang new art

Even your favorite painting or framed poster can get old after a few years. Liven up your space by choosing a new piece to hang above your bed, over your mantel or as a focal point as you enter a room. Not all art is expensive. Opt for framed prints or use unique wall decor to spice up a blank space.

4. Add a few houseplants

Not only are houseplants decorative, but they also help keep your indoor air fresh by "breathing" in the carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. For minimum maintenance, choose plants like philodendrons, snake plants, rubber trees and cacti. If you have a brown thumb, try going for fake plants that are the lowest of the low-maintenance options.

end table

5. Update your side tables

Changing your accent tables, including your nightstands and the end tables beside your sofa, is an inexpensive way to update your furniture. Accent tables can allow your personality to shine without overpowering the entire room.

Giving your rooms a fresh, new look doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can make a big impact by simply changing a few, key items like pillow, lamps, and tables.

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