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guys dorm style with ottoman and twin sleeper sofa

4 Tips for Making Your Dorm Look Rad

Girls are known for being the most excited to decorate their first dorm room and usually have a vision of what they want it to look like before move-in day, but guys, this is an exciting time for you, too! You’re away from home in your very own space or sharing it with a friend who’s going through the same new experience. There’s no reason your space shouldn’t feel like home AND look cool, too. Here are a few tips to think about when moving into your new space:

1. Buy quality pieces you can reuse in your first apartment

By investing in a few quality pieces for your dorm that are going to be easily reused in your first apartment, you’re saving yourself money from having to buy replacements later, because they’ll uphold the everyday use. A few examples of pieces that are worth investing in are sleeper sofas, a comfortable desk chair for long study hours, a bright desk lamp, wall art to add a personal touch and a good quality area rug to bring the room together and create a more cozy space.

modern desk lamp

2. Make the best out of your small space by using multifunctional pieces

Small Spaces call for smart storage and furniture solutions. By getting two or more types of uses out of one item, you’re maximizing your space and creating a functional home. For example, a Storage Ottoman could be used as a coffee table, extra seating when your friends come over to hang, a place to kick your feet up while watching a movie or studying, and essential storage space – all-in-one! A twin sleeper sofa would be a comfy space to hang out but also a place to crash for a friend or sibling who is visiting for the weekend.

3. Make it look mature and masculine

This is your first home away from home, and you’re stepping into a new direction in life.You’re ready to move on into a more mature and masculine space, embrace it! This is a chance to create a space that reflects the new you.

4. Discover your personal style

Your dorm doesn’t have to be generic or boring; by discovering an interior style you can relate with, you’re creating a space you feel like is really yours. Take some style quizzes; Do you like a more clean and modern look? You’ll probably love a minimalist modern style. Do you like a warm cabin feel? You’ll probably be into rustic interiors. Brainstorm elements and aesthetics in interiors you really like – reclaimed wood, leather, earthy tones, clean lines, geometric patterns (the list could go on…) and then shop with your newly discovered style in mind.

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