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4 Steps to Styling a Dorm

Let’s face it: dull dorm rooms are a thing of the past. In the age of Instagram aesthetics, dorms have transformed into hangout havens and backdrops for study selfies. This means there’s more freedom than ever when it comes to setting up your new space’s style. Let your dorm’s design reflect you and your intricate identity.

Starting college can be stressful enough so we took your first notes for you. Start with this short study guide on creating an insta-worthy dorm in just 4 simple steps.

Don’t worry; you’re going to ace it.

dorm bed decorative pillows

1. Get colorful & cozy with textiles

Craft the overall vibe of your space with bedding and rugs. Charming decorative pillows and bold rugs are a great way to layer in texture and warmth. These elements often catch the most attention so don’t shy away from showing off your style.

dorm study spot rattan chairs

2. Set up a study spot

After spending all day in lecture halls, you’ll want a comfortable place to tackle your work. Create study and hang-out zones that welcome in you and your friends when cramming for exams. Up the luxury factor with decorative pillows rattan chairs and plush poufs for plenty of seating after a long day.

dorm pegboard storage

3. Put supplies up high

When floor space is at a minimum, maximize wall space with pegboards. These adjustable organization stations can shelf office supplies, craft materials, plants, and more. Hang up jewelry and bags to keep clutter from piling up on your desk. The best part: change up the configuration whenever you want.

dorm boho macrame wall haning

4. Add accessories unique to you

Living in a dorm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice individuality. Bring your personality to life with accessories that express your distinctive style. Let your interests inform the decor you choose -- a quirky camera showcases your love of photography (or selfies), a wall hanging flaunts your boho aesthetic. Bonus: as your tastes evolve, so can your dorm’s details!

dorm room before dark wood beds Before
boho dorm after After

— 4 Steps to Styling a Dorm —

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