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12 Coffee Table Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Coffee table ideas to spark your imagination – and get you back to your ‘happy place.’

1. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

Placing a simple vase of flowers on your coffee table will make any living room feel like an open-air oasis.

2. Four Little Vases, All in a Row

A little family of vases never hurt anyone!

3. Texture on Texture on Texture

Contrasting colors and materials to give your coffee table a little textural flavor.

4. Crisp & Clean

For a breezy, first-day-of-spring feel all year long, shy away from dark colors.

5. Rugged & Natural

For a “straight-from-the-woodshop” charm, opt for a distressed finish, industrial base and potted plant decor.

6. Blackout

Mesmerized by that iconic elegance that seemed to follow the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. everywhere they went? Turns out it’s not so elusive after all. In fact, it can all be boiled down to one simple motto: Ultra-black goes with everything and anything. Commit to memory for flawless aesthetic, every time!

7. Peep Show

Statement decorations don’t always have to be front-and-center; place a few below eye-level for out-of-the-way intrigue.

8. Farmhouse Harmony

A scented candle, burgeoning blossoms and a backdrop of fresh firewood come together to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

9. Happy Hour

Fresh from the grapevine: a rustic serving tray, decorative decanters and purple plants to impress even the classiest of sommeliers!

10. Sliver of Gold

You say splash of gold, we say très chic!

11. Group Huddle

Like humans, nesting tables do better as a team; unlike humans, they don’t require a bubble of ‘personal space’ – push them in as close as possible and layer on the style!

12. Concrete Ideas

Fusion decor = industrial concrete + sweet florals.

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