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10 Outdoor Living Trends to Try in 2019

“Outdoor this year is all about functionality + color!”
– Kirstin Paul, Interior Designer + Visual Communications Manager, Living Spaces
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1. Summer Lovin'

With the times changing hard and fast, and routines, schedules and calendars seeming to get busier and busier with each passing year, it’s no surprise that nostalgia is on the rise – nor is it very difficult to spot it, no matter where you look. From reboots of classic TV shows to the return of vintage fashion trends (even ones we’d never thought we’d have to look at again!), it’s easy to spot a longing for the simpler days of youth. While we can’t offer you a time machine, the good news is that outdoor designs are starting to favor a more carefree, “summery” look and feel, making them the perfect way to relive the rosy, youthful days of summer break – no matter your age!

To emphasize the trend towards a more joie de vivre aesthetic, color will be making appearances in a big way. According to Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Visual Stylist, “Style is going outdoors with pops of color in pillows, rugs and pottery.” (But more on that in trend #3!)

2. Staycation Mode

This year, the staycation vibes are hitting hard. Now more than ever, home decorators are realizing that you don’t have to travel far and wide to experience resort-like zen. Whether your idea of the perfect getaway is a rustic cabin-in-the-woods retreat or a breezy summer beach house, your options for designing your dream oasis are just about endless – and what better place to bring it to life than your own backyard?

3. Color Crush

If there is one strong motif we’re sensing for outdoor trends, it’s fun. This year, colors jolly and invigorating are making a comeback; expect to see them everywhere from pillows and rugs to umbrellas and seating – especially when paired with unique designs or patterns. Kirstin Paul, designer for Living Spaces, agrees: “In outdoor spaces, color palettes are featuring a lot of contemporary black-and-white contrast, with large botanical graphics + bold, bright pops of color.”

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4. Wall Whimsy

One of the most unique trends to unfold in 2019? A focus on walls, and more specifically, wall art. Mirror your interiors by hanging up a classic canvas print (just as you would in your living room!), and give it an outdoorsy spin with subjects like natural landscapes. Remember, too, that wall art doesn’t have to mean “art” in the classic sense; incorporating plants that climb, such as ivy and flower vines, brings a gorgeous aesthetic to plain patio walls.

5. Ins & Outs

Another trend we’re loving is the “flipping” of aesthetics – and by that we mean bringing the indoors out! More and more, designers and decorators are favoring the idea of “cultivating” an outdoor space with comfy designs you would normally place inside, such as plush sofas, spacious coffee tables and even practical storage containers.

6. Green Gardens

For outdoor decorating in 2019, greenery is the way to go – with an emphasis on potted plants. Hang them from a ceiling beam or wall hook to literally ‘freshen up the air,’ or keep them gathered in small bunches for effortless tabletop decor.

7. Mixed Metallics

When it comes to outdoor spaces, metallic decor isn’t necessarily the first thing to come to mind (let alone mixed metallic decor!), but the trends are changing – and we’re not complaining! Against the backdrop of a neutral backyard color scheme (think natural-colored wood, rattan and wicker), accent metallics like copper vases, iron furniture legs and gold lanterns add a chic sparkle.

8. Glow-in-the-Dark

Gone are the days when a single porch light bulb was all that was available to illuminate your outdoor space at night; whether it’s a lantern, firepit or even a light-up umbrella, the latest in outdoor lighting offers just about an endless variety of designs for every style, mood and budget.

According to Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Visual Stylist, the trend towards more creative uses of lighting stems from a desire to “bring the comfort of indoors will find more comfort options such as recliners, lounges - and [especially] - romance with accent lighting.

9. Earthy Elements

Just as they are trending in interiors, earthy textures and materials are one of the hottest design aesthetics for outdoor decor – reflecting an overall societal shift toward more eco-conscious choices. Not to mention, earthy hues make the perfect canvas for those “jolly” pops of color from trend #3!

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10. Smart Designs

“Designers and stylists are creating spaces that are as useful as they are beautiful; with Outdoor reclining sectionals, umbrellas with built-in speakers + solar powered lighting, + tons of storage!”

- Kirstin Paul, Interior Designer + VIsual Communications Manager

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