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recliner chair for personal lounging
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The Best Type of Recliner Chair to Buy for Your Personal Lounging Style

Discover luxurious comfort like never before with the perfect recliner chair for your lounging style.

1. The Classic Recliner

Best for: Those who simply want to sit back and relax in a timeless, easy-to-operate design.

Why we love it: In a traditional design with a modern touch, a classic recliner offers power motion capabilities – to help you find your most comfortable position at the touch of a button!

classic recliner chair for personal lounging
swivel glider recliner chair

2. The Swivel Glider Recliner

Best for: Those looking for the ultimate in multi-tasking furniture.

Why we love it: The convenience of an office chair, comfort of a rocking chair and ergonomics of a recliner, all-in-one.

wallaway lounging recliner chair

3. The Wallaway Recliner

Best for: Those looking to make the most of smaller spaces.

Why we love it: The entire body of a wallaway recliner moves up and forward as you recline back, allowing you to place it as near to a wall as you want without having to worry about blocking the recliner's path when in use.

lift chair for lounging

4. The Lift Recliner

Best for: Those who appreciate the luxurious comfort of a quality recliner but find it difficult to get up and out of the chair.

Why we love it: In a power lift recliner, the button on the armrest or remote control will recline you as far back as you want – and, when you're done lounging, gently bring you back up to a standing position.

5. The Custom Recliner

Best for: Those with out-of-the box style.

Why we love it: Once you've found your perfect reclining type, the custom recliner will let you mix it up with upholstery options that make the most sense for your comfort needs and unique style!

custom recliner chair for personal lounging

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