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9 Best Nursery Gliders of 2023 - The Official List

The 2023 roundup of best nursery gliders features popular products favorited by customers. To hold our list to the highest standards, we’ve included the down-and-dirty details of why these chairs are so great with real customer reviews to back them up. Bringing home baby to one of these nursery gliders will be the best decision you’ll make all year – we (and your fellow shoppers) guarantee it!

Best Overall

Bailey Swivel Glider Chair

Best Features: Soothing beige color - Swivel - Glide

Why It’s Great: Available in a variety of colors and fabrics, the Bailey is, at its heart, what a Swivel Glider is all about: pure ease of movement and soothing comfort. Perfect for nurseries and, once your child has outgrown feeding time, as a staple for a living room or bedroom.

Bailey Swivel Glider Chair: Customer Reactions

“Purchased this accent chair for our living room. We wanted something different than just your traditional accent chair, so we went in person @ Living Spaces to look. Found this perfect accent chair that rocks & swivels. It fit perfectly as well as it does not take up much space!!” - Marissa

“The print is beautiful and perfect my decor! I love the swivel rocking motion. So far we’ve been happy with all our Living Spaces purchases. Can’t wait to get my bed and dressers!” - Janie P

“Beautiful design, it swivels and rocks and is super luxurious and comfortable! Highly recommended." - Deborah T

Top-Rated Nursery Glider

Hercules Glider With Articulating Headrest

Best Features: Articulating Headrest - Glide

Why It’s Great: The Hercules might have an intimidating name, but rest assured that it’s a gentle giant. Designed for all-day use (so you can fit it into your morning, afternoon and evening sessions with your infant), this soothing chair is made with performance fabric that cleans easily, so you can focus on the present.

Hercules Glider With Articulating Headrest: Customer Reactions

“This is a fantastic recliner - and the value is outstanding! It glides, rocks, and swivels. So comfortable! It has excellent lower lumbar support, as well. The handle is located just perfectly for ease of reclining and relaxing. The material is soft and comfortable and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. I am getting three more and ditching the couch all together!” - FixItJanet

“Love this chair x2. Spouse and I both have one, so comfortable. Leather is really soft, no sweat or sticky skin. Manual recliner, but really easy to rear back. Love that they swivel, good for maintaining space and watching TV.” - Gracious shopper

“I bought the Hercules grey recliner after reading all of the reviews, I love it, it is a smaller recliner, but works really well in my space. It is easy to operate, easy assembly. It is very comfortable, and I love the fabric which looks and feels like leather. Overall, I am really happy with this chair, I may order another so I will have two matching chairs.” - minouchette

Best Swivel Glider Recliners

Baxter Power Swivel Glider Recliner

Best Features: Swivel - Glide - Power Headrest

Why It’s Great: Your baby will eventually outgrow the nursery – but we can guarantee you will never outgrow the Baxter. Featuring a modern look (it looks like it can fit into a chic hotel lobby just as well as a standard nursery!), the Baxter’s smooth motions and supportive backrest make time spent with baby as stress-free as possible.

Baxter Power Swivel Glider Recliner: Customer Reactions

“Everyone loves it and it’s easy to adjust and swivel.” - Tom

“Awesome sauce! Love it, super comfy and convenient.” - Frank1

“Found the perfect recliner that fits with our decor at Living Spaces - this is the first place I shop when looking for furniture! Great prices!” - Anonymous

Rogan II Swivel Glider Recliner

Best Features: Leather - Swivel - Glide

Why It’s Great: If you’re not careful, the Rogan will turn every day of the week into a lazy Saturday in. Well-loved features include 180 degrees of gentle swivel motions. A giant plus, too, is the leather upholstery, which, on hot days, helps to banish the stuffy feel typical of heavier fabrics.

Rogan II Swivel Glider Recliner: Customer Reactions

“Bought this chair as a side chair to my couch. Color is neutral and fits well with my decor. Besides being a recliner, this chair is also a rocking chair. I am short, a little over 5 feet. My feet touch the floor when I sit all the way back in the chair. This is a plus when I rock my grandson to sleep. Reclining feature works like a charm. Definitely a favorite chair for me.” - Brownie5

“These chairs are the best looking and most comfortable I have ever had. They swivel, rock and recline. I bought the “Cafe Latte” color and they completely blend with the bamboo floors I have. This was my first purchase, and I will definitely go back to Living Spaces for more items. Great shopping experience. Love not being hassled by sales people!!!” - Hulagirl

“This recliner is gorgeous, soft leather. Fits perfectly in our lake house. Love the swivel feature.” - Desolshine

Best Rockers

Tampa Rocker Recliner

Best Features: Rock - Recline

Why It’s Great: Like a blanket in furniture form, the Tampa is part cozy comfort and part ergonomic, good-for-your-back reclining tech. Share it with your little one during nap times and story times, and use the repetitive motions of the rocker to cast a sleep-inducing spell.

Tampa Rocker Recliner: Customer Reactions

“We absolutely love this chair! Fully reclined, it’s like you’re laying on a cloud. We were able to load it up and take it home that day.” - Sean B

“We LOVE these recliners! So great to be able to pick the fabric we liked. So comfortable!!” - 3713tn

“Love this recliner! The cushioning around the head and on the arms is perfect. The only issue is the instant my husband gets in that reclining position, he falls asleep. Makes movie watching a lonely endeavor. All-in-all, 5 stars from our family.” - Marel C

Cici Rocker Recliner

Best Features: USB - Recline

Why It’s Great: Seeing as how the Cici is among the most in-demand rocker recliners, it’s no surprise that it contains one of the most popular furniture features: real leather upholstery, which keeps cool in the summer and accidental spills from becoming too much of a problem. Rock and recline your baby to sleep; the soft fabric and foam cushioning make doing so a breeze.

Cici Rocker Recliner: Customer Reactions

“We are very happy with the color, look, and performance of this auto recliner. It is not an overstuffed looking chair that fits in with my updated modern look. So far.... so good!!” - AZ girl

“We bought 2 of these recliners. They were exactly what we were looking for, and we had been looking for quite a long time. They are so, so comfortable and look great in our room! Plus our store experience and delivery were both wonderful ... easy, quick and professional!” - Cindy

“Bought two. The chairs look great in our living room, and are super comfortable. The adjustable head rest makes it easy to lay back and watch TV having your head in the perfect position! Being able to charge my cell is a plus too!” - Lori

Most Comfortable Nursing Chairs

Rayna Swivel Glider Power Recliner

Best Features: USB - Plush pillows

Why It’s Great: If you are not a parent but considering parenthood, this chair is sure to convert you; getting to bring home this nursery glider will change your life – almost as much as a new baby! Sly pillows look sleek but are, in feel, oversize and plushy, and perfect reclining angles plus curved, huggable arms make the design.

Rayna Swivel Glider Power Recliner: Customer Reactions

“Bought this based on color, style, and reviews. We’ve been using this glider for the past 3 months. Great for rocking your baby, nursing, and even sleeping (not with baby). The cushions are comfortable and have not lost its shape. I can see us using this chair for years to come.” - Ittybittyizzy

“I absolutely love this chair. I bought 2 of them and they sooooooo comfortable. It's a great style recliner, very modern and doesn't look like a typical granny recliner. Highly recommend it.” - John Algattas

“I absolutely LOVE this chair. It's very comfortable and looks amazing in my living room. I love the fact it swivels and rocks besides being a recliner. What I like about it also is that it doesn't look like a recliner. It just looks like a really cool comfy chair and the fact that it also is a power recliner is a fun surprise. I would recommend this product to everyone.” - Elois

Abbey Swivel Glider Recliner

Best Features: Customizable - Recline

Why It’s Great: Swivel, glide, recline (not necessarily in that order), and repeat. With the Abbey, baby’s first introduction to the home will be one of comfort and peace. On top of its made-for-comfort design, what particularly stands out about the Abbey is aesthetics: cute rolled arms, a tailored base, a hidden lever and, best of all, customizable colors.

Abbey Swivel Glider Recliner: Customer Reactions

“The Abbey swivel rocker recliner is so nice and comfortable! It swivels, making it easy to turn towards the sofa to chat with family/friends or towards the TV to watch your favorite show. It rocks very smoothly and the fabric is soft, making it cozy and inviting to sit and relax.” - RB91710

“This chair is super comfy, beautiful color and doesn’t take up to much room. I love it!” - Pick

“Extremely comfortable and so many color options to choose from!” - Kari

Best Affordable Nursery Glider

Dale IV Swivel Glider Recliner

Best Features: Affordable - Customizable

Why It’s Great: With a new baby at home, who has time for interior design, right? Wrong! Featuring a sleek size, curved track arms and tailored stitching, the Dale makes any space effortlessly vogue. An unbeatable price tag is the cherry on top of the best home purchase decision you’ll make this year.

Dale IV Swivel Glider Recliner: Customer Reactions

“What a nice surprise to find a streamlined recliner that also swivels. I didn't want the traditional, bulky recliner, and Living Spaces had one that doesn't overwhelm the room. We got two for the price of what others were charging for one!” - Karen H

“Great quality! Not bulky but wide enough for people to sit. Headrest is at a perfect height. The recliner handle is easy to move to pick up your feet or back to sitting position.” - Liz TC

“This chair is exactly what I had in mind. Staff were very helpful in showing me what chairs were available. Delivery and setup was on time and I am very pleased.” - SWBuenaPark

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