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9 Best Record Player Stands for the Vinyl-Collector

Choosing a stand for your record player might seem simple (just buy a table!), but for the serious record-collector, a little more goes into it than that.

Things to consider include size (too small won’t fit and you don’t want anything too big), weight (is it strong enough?) and storage space (can you also store in it your vinyl collection, if you wish to do so?). There’s also the style factor: A dainty farmhouse table won’t exactly fit in with the Metallica fan’s vibe, for example. Finally, you’ll want to consider tech accessories; Do you plan on listening to your player with speakers or while you work on your laptop? (If so, you may want to consider a tech-friendly stand with USB and charging outlets versus a more traditional design.)

Here, we’ve curated a list calling out our favorite record player stands with attention to all the details mentioned above plus more. See which ones made the cut and a few of our honorable mentions (at the end of this article). Just keep in mind that not all record players and sound systems are built the same; Just because we chose a stand for this list doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit and hold your particular turntable. Know the weight and measurements of your turntable and compare the specs accordingly.

Don’t own a record player? These tables also work for stereo systems, Bluetooth speakers and, if you’re really vintage, boom boxes.

1. The Mesa Everywhere Console Table

Best Feature: Big size; storage space

If your style can be categorized as “authentic” – if you don’t have time for lightweights or plastics or the latest trends –, we have a feeling you’re going to like the Mesa. The Mesa Everywhere Console Table is the answer to the problem of those “mini” record stands that seem to be popular these days (they’re small, and tend to be lightweight). The Mesa is not only not like them, it carries its own benefits for record-loving enthusiasts.

The Mesa grabbed our record-loving attention for two main reasons: its large storage space and its overall depth (it’s spacious). Check out the bottom of this table – there aren’t any shelves, but there is a whole lot of “inner floor space.” This is a great option for those who don’t want to display one or two records – but rather, a stack of them. While it's big, it's not too bulky, so it can work just as well in a small bedroom as in a living room or hallway. Take a look at the specs: 72"W x 24"D x 36"H – keep in mind that’s the overall design (so the “inside space” underneath the top is slightly smaller). Since an actual record is around 12 square inches, this means you’ll have room enough to stack your records vertically or side by side – whichever you prefer. Based on its slightly farmhouse aesthetic (note the distressed white paint, wood block top and “x”s on the sides), this one’s best for music-lovers with a little country in them. A couple Cash albums, maybe one or two Haggards and some Willie Nelson thrown in for good measure will fit right into the aesthetic. (By the way – in terms of weight, the Mesa clocks in at a whopping 83 lbs, the third heaviest on this list, making it a truly quality piece and one which will hold up even the heaviest of sound systems out there.) Perhaps the greatest part about all of this, though, is that there’s no “cord management” because it doesn’t need cord management; there’s no back panel blocking things – making accessing your music easier than ever.

The Specs: 72"W x 24"D x 36"H  
Weight: A whopping 83 lbs!
The Style: Distressed white + side “x”s = a distinctly rustic/country/farmhouse feel.
The Music: We’re thinking something with a little twang – perhaps Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard?

2. The Presby Open Nightstand with USB

The Presby Open Nightstand with USB might have “nightstand” in its title, but it also makes the perfect record player stand. One of its best features is its compact yet durable size: 28"W x 18"D x 29"H overall, and a whopping 107 pounds (the heaviest on this list). In other words, the Presby isn’t going to topple over – no matter how heavy your record player or vinyl collection is.

The bottom shelf, however, steals the show. Record storage can be stacked up or across, and the side legs act as “bookends” (or “record ends,” in this case).

The inside storage space (between the table’s legs) is big – bigger than it looks in the image and so also makes the perfect spot for displaying a single propped up record case. Of course, if the measurements are right for your setup, you can also place the record player on the bottom shelf rather than the top surface! The benefit would be that you now have more space up top to place decor/objects; the drawback being that the lower it is to the ground the harder it is to reach and access.

As for the style of it: A cozy brown- or white-wood finish, simple structure and top molding make it just vintage enough to rock an authentic 50’s record player – and still not look out of place with modern decor. In other words, it’s an ideal look for a record player stand.

Now let’s talk about the USB feature. While this doesn’t concern the record player itself (there are no record players that get their power from a USB port – at least, not that we know of!), this can be a handy detail for some – especially those who like to keep their phones charging nearby at all times.

All in all, this design is simple, sturdy, very heavy and great for displaying record cases. And despite what its name says, we recommend it for any room of the house where you like to get some music going – not just the bedroom!

The Specs: 28"W x 18"D x 29"H
Weight: 103 lbs
The Style: Its distinctively calm color (it's available in white and brown) and subtle finish + hardware gives a classic cottage vibe.
The Music: Something calming and chill – we’re thinking “70’s mellow,” i.e. Hall and Oates, Warren Zevon and Judy Collins.

3. Jaxon Table

As anyone who listens to music knows, music isn’t just a thing, it’s a feeling. It’s ambient, fluid and a mood. For those reasons, the table where you setup your music-listening station, whether it’s a record player or smartphone stereo, should vibe. It should be more than just the equipment; it needs room for style.

Enter the Jaxon: a Goliath of space for all the rad decor you want around your player. Leaning wall art, vases for plants or an incense pot (if that’s your thing) can be arranged next to the music source – turning your music-listening into a flat-out experience.

In terms of under-the-surface storage space, the Jaxon’s is not even funny – just imagine how many records you can stack up in that baby! What we love most of all about the design is the “barriers” on the sides; these will work to your advantage to keep the records from falling out.

Now, the style. The style of this bad boy is undoubtedly industrial – the mix of slatted design and solid wood plus the exposed “x” framework on the sides is a dead giveaway. The great thing, though, is that it’s all-neutral/natural in color, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit in or “match” with your home decor (for the most part). Given the industrialist attitude, there’s really only one artist we’d like to hear blasting from the Jaxon: the voice of the working class, the one who’s been rocking the hardest since the 70’s: Mister Bruce Springsteen!

Like the Mesa and the Presby, the Jaxon doesn’t have a back – it’s all open, making it easy to work with when you need to plug things in or move a heavy sound system.

If you’re still hesitant about pulling the trigger on this one, just browse the customer review section. One look is all it takes to see that the customers agree: This is one well-made design.

This should hopefully go to prove that labels aren’t everything; Just because a product out there is labelled as a record player stand doesn’t mean you should shell out whatever amount they’re asking for the price. Something as simple as a “sofa table” (like the Jaxon is) can do the same job – if not more! – for a fraction of the cost.

As always, make sure you know the measurements of your player before purchasing a table for it – the last thing you’ll want is a table that won’t properly support your player/collection. Besides that, we say “go for the Jaxon” (For record-collectors, it’s our favorite on this list!)

The Specs: 60"W x 16"D x 28"H
Weight: 59 lbs
The Style: Slats + wood is always a sign of industrial-chic.
The Music: In tune with its industrial, hardworking design: none other than “The Boss!”

4. Harrison Table

Our editors hand-picked the Harrison as a record player stand for a specific reason: its size. It’s deep enough to hold a large record player there and then some (think adjoining speakers, cleaning accessories, what have you); it’s also succinct enough to not feel bulky or take up more space than necessary. The inner drawer also makes a great place for storing vinyl cleaners, microfiber cloths (for dust), record mats, pre-amps and more. (As an added bonus, the Harrison is easy to assemble – in that there's no assembly required. No need to haul out a process manual for attaching legs, shelf, etc. – just take out of the box and you're done!)

Due to its compact size, the Harrison makes a great sofa-side table, bedside table or chairside table. While the Tillman could really only be used as a console against a wall, the Harrison can really be placed anywhere – even in a home office (what better way to keep you motivated during the workday than a well-curated music table!)

Stylistically, the Harrison has a classic wood finish with visible grain, straight lines and cross panels on the sides; in other words, it’s simple, classic and versatile. Similarly, its music should be just as timeless; we can half-hear the arias and cadenzas of classical Mozart and Beethoven just from looking at the picture!

While not the heaviest on this list, 69 pounds for its smaller frame is decent – enough to make one feel at ease when placing a cherished turntable on its surface. Of course, this pro can also be a con for some who prefer a higher stand for easier reach and access.

Finally, we can’t talk about the Harrison without talking about the material: beautiful acacia wood – which really sets it apart from the others and is the cherry on top of the cake.

Overall, a solid design.

The Specs: 22"W x 26"D x 26"H
Weight: 69 lbs
The Style: Classic, straightforward and versatile.
The Music: Classical music, but if that’s not your thing, then easy jazz-inspired artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Michael Bublé.

5. Lorenzo End Table

Every once in a while, you come across a table that sneaks up on you – takes you by surprise – and, thanks to a unique leg base, the Lorenzo has been known around these parts to do just that.

The Lorenzo, has, in a manner of speaking, legs for days. The hard-to-miss curved line-legs give the Lorenzo its “x” factor, and the mango wood frame brings the sturdy construction you need for such a prized possession as a record player. A subtle finish, not quite grey and not quite beige, make it limitlessly versatile.

It’s also uniquely not rectangle, but square; depending on your turntable shape, this could impact your styling for better or for worse. This is another design with an open shelf space for your turntable accessories – but if you’d rather use it for a notebook and pens/pencils for creative writing/drawing as you listen to your music, consider us on board.

In terms of style, it’s graceful but understated; for audiophiles who want the music to be the center of attention, this is a good thing. All in all, worthy of holding a record player.

Of course, when choosing a stand for your record player, you should also take into account the kind of music you listen to (that is, if you want the vibe to feel right)! Based on appearance alone, we’re feeling serious folksy vibes from the Lorenzo – and now that we’ve felt them, we can’t shake them off. The table’s simplicity + curvature remind us of a sweet, melodic refrain by some Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez or Woody Guthrie. It’s all a sort of style synesthesia, if you will.

Logistically, this one’s a beaut. Specs of 24"W x 24"D x 22"H and clocking in at 71 pounds make her an easy placement; awkward corners beside a sofa are no match – the Lorenzo will fit right in!

The only caveat to all this is that there is no defined space/compartment for storing records. A chic box wide enough to hold your records and small enough to fit on the floor underneath the table, however, is a simple solution.

A word to the wise: Make sure to compare the measurements between the table and your record player; not all record players – or tables – are created equal!

The Specs: 24"W x 24"D x 22"H
Weight: 71 lbs
The Style: Understated, charming
The Music: It’s got to be understated and charming – we’re feeling something folksy, perhaps Woody Guthrie, but we’ll also throw in some early Mumford for the millennials.

6. Pierce Table

There are three things that make this design exceptional. First is the top “drawer,” which pops open to a nifty space for storing record accessories. When you’re ready to listen to some jams – full-blast, on speakers – this makes plugging in a speaker incredibly easy. You can also use this for phone, laptop and cord tech, as well. The second thing is the hardware: clean, modern drawer pulls in a lighter brown finish complement the rich color and complete the look.

Since you will most likely be using the top surface for placing your turntable, you're probably going to want a surface that looks good enough to show off such a prized possession. Herein lies the Pierce's third strength: oak veneer and solid hardwood construction with veneers, combined with a modern black-brown finish. This construction  becomes even more aesthetically pleasing; dark, distressed lines, darker at the creases and joints, feel authentic. Meanwhile, when you're not enjoying the sheer beauty of the outside, use the inside for all your musical storage needs. We recommend the bottom compartment to store valuable items you don’t want in easy reach (we suggest things like signed merch, concert tickets and the like!).

On a side note, it’s worth mentioning the drawer mechanisms; this is the kind of feature that can “seal the deal” for some people. Generally, in most table designs, the drawers will open either through wooden liners or nothing at all. The wooden liners are often harder to open and close; there’s no guiding system designed specifically for easy gliding. The Pierce operates on side metal glides, which adds to the overall quality and craftsmanship of the product.

Now for the fun part: Music! Just when you think the Pierce couldn’t get any cooler, a drawer opens to an organization comparmtent – and hardwood oak and veneer construction reveals itself. The Pierce may look professional, but it's full of fun; there are surprises every which way! For these reasons, we couldn’t imagine anything other than “fun” bands like ABBA, Queen and anything Motown! Specifically, we’re envisioning songs with heavy bass lines – to complement the Pierce’s heavy weight! “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and “I Want You Back,” anyone?

The Specs: 20"W x 22"D x 23"H
Weight: 64 lbs
The Style: Casual
The Music: Uplifting music, a little bit of Motown here, a little bit of Queen, Abba there.

table for record players

7. Centre Nesting Accent Table

Skip the music stand and opt for a music center – with the Centre Nesting Accent Table. Three pieces equals three designated stations for each of your audio needs. Devote one to the record player, one to a speaker and one to your vinyls. You can even arrange the smallest table directly under a column of floating shelves; Store the bulk of your collection on the shelves and display one of your favorites on the table below. The reasons for choosing a table set rather than a single table are multifold.

For one, it gives you the extra counter space for accessories, and in particular the speakers. For another, it creates a vibe; it truly transforms any corner into “the music corner.” Arrange a chair right next to the tables, some artwork along the walls, and you’ve got yourself a music-listening experience. Still another reason is that it is more versatile. If, on the daily, you just want to plug in your record table for solo listening, you only need the big table – and can keep the smaller two in storage. When you’re hosting a party and want to add a little more glitz to your music corner, pull out the other two to make room for your stereo speakers, and voila!

(Of course, you don’t have to “use” all three tables. Consider placing a record player on the tallest one and pushing the other two underneath for a cool layered look.)

Finally, it’s simply stylish! Nesting tables add depth and dimension, and these particular designs bring an elegant chalky-white finish. They also ensure a matching aesthetic; each table has the same color, texture and material as the other!

For music, well, it’s pretty obvious to us it’s got to be a three-piece band. Green Day; Rush; Peter, Paul and Mary, no less. (The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and any other four- or two-piece bands are not welcome here!)

Note: At 74 pounds and 26"W x 17"D x 26"H, this set is on the smaller side; Make sure it’s big enough for your particular turntable before buying!

The Specs: 26"W x 17"D x 26"H
Weight: 74 lbs
The Style: French Modern, with a nod to vintage Parisian elegance
The Music: Any band with three members – Rush, Beastie Boys, Green Day, Bee Gees, The Jimi Hendrix Experience (the list goes on!) – apropos of the Centre’s three pieces.

8. Tracie End Table

The Tracie is a rock star! It’s authentic, charming and gritty – in the best way possible. Like a rock star, it boasts physical fitness. While rock stars need their stamina for touring, the Tracie needs to be able to hold up to years of record player use. For a rock star, the jig is up when he loses his voice; for a record player table, it’s when it starts to wobble, increasing the risk of toppling the record player over and (dare we say) breaking it. Fortunately, the rock stars we know and love have strong voices, able to fill entire stadiums for hours, night after night.

Likewise, the Tracie has strong legs, a construction made of metal and walnut wood that is able to hold a heavy record player day after day for years on end. Therefore, one should expect nothing less than for rock music to be blasting from the Tracie, at all times! Keep the Stones, Led Zep and U2 on rotation to seal in the vibe.

Moving on to storage, the Tracie has a lot of storage space, and it’s all in the form of one giant drawer. Keep here a solid stack of the records you play the most often; that way you’ll be able to reach for them faster. Below deck, you’ll also find a spacious area for placing even more items; use this space for a speaker or stereo or even more record storage if the drawer isn’t enough.

Perhaps the best feature about the Tracie is that it comes in a collection. Pair the end table with a matching coffee table and console table to incorporate your record player stand into the overall look of your living room. If you want a bigger size platform for your record player, you can also choose to use the Tracie coffee table or console table; both come with the same walnut and metal construction as the end table, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

Of course, our words can only say so much. Check out the customer reviews section for a full breakdown of real consumer insights; you’ll be glad you did!

The Specs: 22"W x 26"D x 24"H
Weight: 58 lbs
The Style: Modern
The Music: The product contains the incredibly durable combination of ultra-hard walnut and metal – to us, that calls for music a little harder, rougher around the edges – no polished 50’s doo-wop here! The contenders? Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who.

9. Butler End Table

The Butler is one of those pieces of furniture that’s more than a piece of furniture. It’s warmth, coziness, home. Its aged brown finish and iron hardware give it soul – in whose other hands would you rather entrust your precious turntable? By specs alone, it’s a solid size, and you have more than enough space for placing a record player plus a few albums – either stacked upright or flat. If you want to set up a sound system in a living room, we recommend placing one Butler table at one end of the sofa and another at the other end; Place your record player on one, and a wireless speaker system (if your player has such capabilities) on the other!

The weight is also solid; 62 pounds is often more than double most end tables. Most record players are heavy, so weight is an important consideration if you want to ensure zero wobbling. In terms of style, it’s got notes of farmhouse and a touch of industrial, reinstating an overall rustic-chic feel – to mention it again, it’s cozy

Now for the question on everyone’s minds: What kind of music goes best with the Butler? Our answer is musical theater – hear us out. The Butler tells a story. Its weathered finish suggests it’s aged and lived a full life; its slightly tapered legs suggest influence from the mid-century; its iron hardware holds secrets of industrialism. Not only does it tell a story, it tells a story with style. It’s charming, contagious – and you almost don’t even need a record player to hear its melodious harmonies. It’s showmanship in furniture form, and deserves nothing less than to have the lyrics, chorus lines and gripping stories of the musical theater greats playing from its top. 

As much as we could sing the praises of the Butler all day, we’re bound by obligation to pause and remind you: Measure your record player before buying! You’ll want to leave at least a couple inches of table around all sides of your record player to guarantee a perfect fit – so before doing anything else, go grab that measuring tape! 

The Specs: 22"W x 26"D x 24"H 
Weight: 62 lbs 
The Style: Industrial 
The Music: We’re going out on a limb and saying musical theater soundtracks. A niche category, but if you get it, you get it. For the Southern-inspired Butler: Oklahoma!, Hairspray and Meet Me in St. Louis.

With the advent of music streaming platforms came a whole new way of listening to music – and the biggest change to accompany it was instant access, the wide availability of almost every artist, album and song imaginable. This opened up a world of music discovery; particularly, of personalized playlists just for you, with only the songs you love – for every moment, every mood, every feeling. As with every great innovation, there was some loss. In the case of music streaming (and, before that, music digitization) it was the loss of the physical act of music-listening. Of the excitement of getting your hands on a new record and being able to listen to it in full, front to back, for the first time. Of the slight scratching sound of a turntable’s needle, the slight whirring of a cassette tape, the slight buzzing of an 8-track – all of which were somehow, oddly, comforting.

For the hardcore music fans who want a space dedicated just for listening to music the old-fashioned way: We get you. Sometimes, digital detox is good for the soul, and a vintage record player spinning your favorite music on vinyl is even better. Even better than that is a space in your home outfitted with a cozy armchair, record player and vinyl collection. Not just a space in your home, but a portal – to wherever the music carries you. (For all the cozy vibes to go with your record player stand, check out these lounge-worthy armchairs!)

Honorable Mentions

Heath 64" Console Table $895
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Connor 54" Console Table $775
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Get the Connor 54" Console Table as soon as Dec 21 - Dec 25
Contemporary White And Bronze 47" Console Table $650
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