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What Do Bamboo Sheets Feel Like? (And Other Common Questions, Answered)

If you're looking to upgrade your sheets and pillowcases, you've probably come across dozens of different styles and materials to choose from. One of the most popular high-quality options chosen are bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are a breathable and eco-friendly alternative to linen or cotton sheets.

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets boast a long list of benefits to achieve a comfy night's rest, especially for hot sleepers. Its design makes bamboo sheets hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and antibacterial thanks to the natural bamboo fiber found in each thread.

Outside of being popular cooling sheets, bamboo sheets are resistant to pilling with high levels of sustainability in use when proper care instructions are followed. Dust mite allergies may also improve by swapping to bamboo bed sheets.

When shopping for bamboo sheets, the most popular type you'll find are bamboo viscose sheets. They may be marketed as rayon derived from bamboo or bamboo rayon, but don't worry, they're all the same fabric!

What Makes Bamboo Bed Sheets Different

Bamboo linen, bamboo viscose, and bamboo rayon make up the best bamboo sheets available. But what separates bamboo from other popular choices such as Egyptian cotton sheets?

A Higher Thread Count for a Very Soft Finish

Bamboo fabric derived from the bamboo plant has looser fibers that create an extremely soft product. Those with sensitive skin or hair can benefit from this smooth finish thanks to the natural fibers not snagging on dry skin or hair ends. Bamboo sheets also soften over time as they're washed and the fibers are able to loosen even further.

Leading Durability

Unlike other bed sheets, bamboo sheets have a long service life with most sets lasting over 5 years before needing replacement. Combined with an affordable price tag, bamboo sheets offer some of the best return on investment compared to other fabric choices.

Keeps You Cool at Night

There are few sheets that offer better temperature regulation than bamboo sheet sets. The material wicks away night sweats and moisture to help keep you dry through the night. Unlike other sheets that absorb the moisture, bamboo fabric pulls the moisture to the top of the sheet where it can evaporate. Bamboo sheets are considered one of the best cooling sheet sets available.

Allergies Can Be Reduced

Bamboo sheets have natural antimicrobial qualities which means they deter the presence of bacteria and mold. While some claims about how potent the antimicrobial effects are can be overstated, there's no denying that this natural predisposition along with moisture wicking helps avoid creating an environment where dangerous microbes can develop. A hygienic sheet set can also repel dust mites that carry their own allergens.

Bamboo Sheet FAQ

The popularity of bamboo sheets has led to new manufacturers entering the market to help meet consumer demand. While this gives you multiple options to choose from, it can be difficult determining which claims are true and which need verified.

Are Bamboo Sheets Machine Washable?

Absolutely! It's easy to assume something as soft as bamboo sheets will require specialty or hand washing, but your regular washing machine is a perfect option. Bamboo sheets can be tossed in with your regular laundry, but we recommend washing them separately in a gentle setting to get the most out of your sheet set.

Are All Bamboo Sheets Antimicrobial?

There are antimicrobial benefits to any form of bamboo sheets, but not all sets are created equally. Bamboo rayon and bamboo viscose are able to claim antimicrobial qualities as they are breathable and moisture wicking which makes it difficult for microbes to survive on the bed.

If you're looking to maximize antimicrobial and hypoallergenic benefits, you'll want to explore 100% natural bamboo made with no chemicals as this preserves the bamboo's naturally pure composition. Be prepared to spend a little more as the process takes more time and machinery to complete.

Are All Bamboo Sheets Organic?

The focus on organic and eco-friendly products has been a welcome shift in consumer preference that manufacturers are working to keep up with. There are varying levels of organic production when it comes to bamboo sheets. Most bamboo sheet sets are made from organic sources and ingredients that can still include chemicals used during manufacturing.

Truly green bamboo sheets are more rare and use natural enzymes to break down 100% natural bamboo into a workable substance. It takes additional skill and processing to create fully-organic bamboo sheets as the plant must be turned into a mush or paste before a machine combs through to start creating threads. Sheet sets that claim they are made with rayon or viscose methods aren't 100% organic but come from organic components and are completely safe for long-term use.

Are Bamboo Sheets Worth It?

Even after you set aside the marketing around bamboo bed sheets, they are still an increasingly popular choice for all sleepers. The ultra-soft sheets are a welcome addition to any bed and are durable enough to survive a child's bedroom. Combined with temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties, bamboo sheets are ideal for anyone who struggles to stay asleep at night.

Your body can also benefit from bamboo sheets thanks to their luxurious finish. Soft fibers cool you off to reduce dehydration caused by sweating. If you boast a head of long hair, you'll be happy to know that split ends can be reduced thanks to fewer snags on your sheet's fabric.

Lastly, bamboo sheets create a healthier and more hygienic environment for you to sleep in. Dust mites are reduced along with other microbes that can cause an allergic reaction. This environment can also help skin conditions such as eczema from worsening as bamboo sheets are gentle on sensitive skin.

Which Bamboo Sheets Are the Best?

Making the choice to swap to bamboo sheets means it's finally time to start shopping. Fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers can all be made from bamboo so don't be afraid to take it one piece at a time.

At the end of the day, the best type of bamboo sheet will depend on your preference. If eco-friendly sheets are your priority, 100% organic lines may be your go-to. For maximum cooling and moisture wicking, bamboo rayon and viscose offer superior support.

No matter what you decide on, adorning your bed with bamboo sheets is sure to give your nightly rest a boost in comfort and style.

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