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How Long Does It Take to Break In a New Mattress? (+ Other New Mattress Q&As)

Buying a new mattress can be quite the leap, but what can you do if you realize shortly after purchase that you don’t love the mattress? Maybe you just need to break it in. Sometimes, mattresses are too stiff early on and need to be used a bit before you can feel completely comfortable. Most mattress companies now give you a long take-home trial to ensure that you give the new mattress a chance.
But how long does it take to break in a mattress? It will take around a month to fully break in your new mattress, but there are some ways to speed up the process a bit. Keep in mind that this depends on the mattress and its construction. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses tend to take around 60 days, depending on density, while latex generally takes a week or two.

How to Break in Your Mattress

A new mattress will eventually break in on its own, just by you sleeping on it. However, if you want to quicken the pace, you need to use it in a particular way. Here are a few of those methods:

Check the Base

A mattress purchased separately from the base or box spring needs a bottom component in good condition. It shouldn’t have any sagging or unevenness, which could affect the comfort of the mattress in some cases. Always check that the base or box spring is in good shape before you try to break in a mattress.

Let the Mattress Expand

Some mattresses come in a box, so they must be left to expand for up to 72 hours first. This step is crucial because it allows the mattress to decompress fully. Then, you can begin the process of breaking a new mattress in.

Get Rolling

Of course, breaking in a mattress involves sleeping on it, but you can also roll across the mattress every day for five minutes or more. This is a great trick for how to make a mattress more comfortable; as you roll around, you break up the materials a bit and give the mattress a chance to feel softer.
If you have small children, let them walk around on the bed. They’ll love it, and the weight and pressure from their feet will help move the materials around so everything loosens up. (If you don’t have children, consider borrowing some nieces and nephews!) Just make sure the kids avoid jumping, as too much commotion can damage the mattress’s composition.

Consider the Temperature

A memory foam or hybrid mattress will still tend to be firm if it’s cold in your home. The warmer it is, the softer the bed becomes, so you can use this information to warm up the bed a bit before going to sleep. It will soften the whole thing and make it easier to get comfortable.
You may find that it takes a few days to break in your mattress, so be patient. If you aren’t taking active steps to break it in, though, you could need much more time. Just remember that you need to keep sleeping on the actual bed and not elsewhere. Nothing will break it in as well as sleeping there and letting the bed adjust to your weight and position. However, if you are still uncomfortable in the bed after 60 days and wake up in pain, you definitely need to consider returning the mattress and purchasing a better one. (For this reason, it's always a good idea to review a mattress's warranty before purchase.)

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