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How Long Does a Mattress Last? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you wondering how long a mattress should last? You’re in the right place to find out!

How Long Is a Mattress Good For? (How Long Should a Mattress Last?)

Can a mattress last for 20 years or longer? The simple answer is that most mattresses will last for roughly 7-10 years. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your bed will be in great shape for that long, however.

The durability of a mattress depends on several factors, including what type of materials are used in the mattress, the construction type and quality, and how the mattress is used. It’s important to choose a high-quality mattress to ensure its longevity.

Factors that affect the durability of the mattress include:

Materials Used: Certain types of material will wear out faster than others. For example, soft foam mattresses will compress fairly rapidly, while latex and denser foams will last much longer. The same goes for the fabrics involved. Thinner, lower-quality fabric wears through faster than the higher-quality options.

Mattress Construction: Overall, you can expect a latex mattress to hold up longer than any other type of mattress. If you have a more traditional bed with only one or two layers of springs, then it won’t last long at all, usually a maximum of six years.

Mattress Usage: How you sleep on the bed will also affect how long your mattress is good for. People who sleep on their sides will notice sagging and compression faster than those who sleep on their back or stomach. However, your weight will also factor into it, as a child can sleep on the same mattress for years without noticing a difference, but an overweight adult will find the bed sags a little faster. Of course, extra wear and tear on the mattress also affect longevity. Jumping on the bed or sitting on the edge all the time will cause the mattress to wear out faster.

How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

If you want a mattress that will last, a memory foam mattress is your best option. They last up to a decade before they need to be replaced, thanks to the dense foam used to make them so comfortable. This takes time to compact, and it is designed to return to its original shape, which means your mattress will feel amazing for a long time.

How Long Does a Pillow Top Mattress Last?

Your average pillow top mattress can last quite some time, usually 5-7 years. As most are made with inner springs, this affects longevity since coils are the fastest part to wear out. However, the pillow top is also likely to flatten over time, which will let you feel the underlying structure of the mattress. When you start to notice this, it’s time to buy a new mattress.

How Long Should You Keep a Mattress?

Just knowing how long you should keep a mattress is one thing, but what are the signs that your mattress needs replacing?

Basically, if your current mattress is no longer comfortable, you need to look at a new one. You may also notice that you wake up with a sore back or hips, there are dips where you sleep, you can feel springs through the top of the mattress, and you’ve started to notice allergy symptoms when in bed. It’s also possible you’ll feel that your bed partner moves more than before, and both of you may be up and down all night, trying to get comfy.

If you notice any of these signs? It’s time to replace your mattress.

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