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Get ready – the poems you’re about to encounter are filled with philosophy, heartache, beauty, resentment, passion and, above all, love for furniture!

The Love of a Chair

A supportive friend
Is a chair, who’s got my back
And, frankly, bottom.

The Kitchen Island

No man is an isle,
They say. But what if his name
Is ‘Mr. Kitchen’?

The Truth About Your Plain Name

With propriety,
You ask to be called ‘Sofa.’
I’ll choose, simply, ‘Couch.’

Lazy Susan

I see you work hard.
Haters gonna hate, let them.
You are not lazy.

When an Office Chair Asks for a Raise

You’re dependable,
You deserve a raise. So here,
I’ll pull your lever.


Your name’s deceptive.
I bought you years ago, and
You’ve yet to dress me.

Pardon My French

The charcuterie
Board goes in the chifferobe.
Not the armoire, oui?


What secrets you hold,
Wise memory foam mattress.
Memories untold!

The Bookshelf Taunts Me

The bookshelf taunts me.
Its scholarly books judge me
When I watch TV.

British Humor

The curious case
Of the curio case, ha!
A’cheerio, mate.

O Captain's Bed, My Captain's Bed

O Captain's bed, my
Captain's bed! Walt Whitman would
Like a word with you.

The Perfect Friday Night

Popcorn, soda and
My home theater recliner.
Movie optional.

Suite Dreams

In a bedroom suite,
You’ll have the sweetest dreams. Wait,
No – the suitest dreams!

Shabby Road

Shabby Road, London.
Like Abbey Road, but chicer.
It’s Shabby-Chic Road.

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