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Namaste at Home: 6 Serene Secrets for Zen Spaces

When you’re home, you want all of your worries and cares to wash away, and part of that comes from creating a space that gives you peace. Achieving that zen feeling in any room means keeping the design as clean, simple and seamless as possible. First and foremost, you have to ensure things are clutter-free, but there are also six more secrets that are key to serenity. To help you design the zen den, we’re sharing those secrets and some extra inspiration below.

1. Soothing Hues

Colors have a significant impact on our mood, so the ones you use in your home have to make you feel good. When creating a Zen space, the focus should be on finding soothing hues that inspire a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere. From neutrals, to naturals, to pastels, these hues will be the heart and soul of your palette. Just mix in a bit of blue for maximum calm.

2. Simplicity Sanctuary

In a truly Zen home, you need a special sanctuary to retreat to, which means making a dreamy bedroom. Every detail matters, but it starts with furnishings that are cozy and inviting. An upholstered bed is the perfect centerpiece, while accents that tie in elements of the sky and sea add a hint of refreshment. Finish it off with some softness, and you’re in business.

3. Natural Materials

When you’re furnishing a zen den, there are certain essentials you can’t do without. Because bringing the outside in brings good vibes, natural materials are one of those zen decor ideas that are absolutely necessary. From solid woods and chunky jutes, to textured rattan, seagrass and cane, there are plenty of options for adding an organic element. We’ll even give you bonus points for sprinkling in house plants and flowers that celebrate and incorporate the environment.

Clean Lines

As we brainstorm how to make your room zen, we can’t neglect to mention the importance of designs with clean lines. The less chaos created, the better, and streamlined pieces have a way of making everything feel more tranquil. Our sleek, modern collections are the perfect solutions, plus they’re stylish to boot. You also don’t need a lot to accomplish a lot, so you can keep the look refined and uncluttered.

Minimalist Decor

Sometimes, it’s the absence of items that elevates a space, especially when you’re talking about a Zen house. The way to make sure it achieves a restful feel is to choose decor that’s as simple and minimal as possible. Sculptural bowls and vases with matte and lacquer finishes hit the sweet spot, as do linear boxes that can hide extra trinkets and tchotchkes.

Soft Textures

If you really want to learn how to be zen, you have to be open to opening all of your senses. One of the most significant senses in interior design is touch, so you want to surround yourself with pieces that feel incredible. That’s where rugs, pillow and throws come in. These accessories add softness that inspires rejuvenation and relaxation.

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