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How to Install a Battery Pack for a Recliner

An easy step-by-step process for installing a battery pack into your new recliner. Relaxation never felt so easy!
Battery Pack Installation: 2-Step Process

First and foremost, return your power recliner to an upright position. Then, unplug your power supply and connect the corresponding battery cables.

Your battery is now installed and there is power to your recliner!

When the power is disconnected from the wall outlet, your battery pack will continue to provide power for six months (or 300 cycles)*.

Need some visual help? Here’s a video showing exactly how to do it:

Watch: Battery Pack Installation

The two main types of recliners are manual and power. Manual recliners require lifting and releasing a lever to recline back and forth. With a power recliner, however, all it takes is the push of a button for the recliner to operate. In power recliners, this button works when the recliner is connected, via a cord, to a wall outlet.

What happens, though, when the electricty’s out – or the cord gets loose from the outlet? Or, perhaps even more common – if you want to place your recliner in a spot where a wall outlet is nowhere within reach?

Forget about dealing with extension cords – or having to get up from your seat to fix a plug that’s fallen out. Instead, let a battery pack save the day – and stay comfy and reclined no matter your electricity access!

Some customers even prefer to rely solely on a battery pack, with no intention of using the cord, ever. In such instances, once the recliner’s battery pack starts to run out, ordering a replacement is simple.

*Whichever comes first

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