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How to Fall Asleep Fast: 9 Tips to Beat Insomnia

These sleeping tips are almost guaranteed to improve your circadian cycle, encouraging your body to fall asleep fast – and stay that way.

1. Reduce blue light.

High blue light exposure is the enemy, if your goal is to fall and stay asleep. (When it comes to tips for better sleep, this is first on the list for a reason!) The exposure mimics the high-energy light of the sun – and too much of it can disrupt sleeping patterns. Cut down on your intake by limiting screen time during the day and especially before bed.

2. Cut down on sugar.

Eating less sugar is another science-backed way to help banish insomnia once and for all. Consume less refined sugar to avoid unbalanced blood sugar levels (which can lead to higher heart rates and less sleep).

3. Keep a regular schedule.

Go to bed at the same time every night, and set your alarm for the same time every morning. Try your best to stick to a regular sleeping schedule, even on the weekends. This will help to stabilize your circadian rhythm, or your body’s ‘internal clock’ – and train your body to fall asleep when it needs to.

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4. Clear your mind.

A mind racing with thoughts can keep you up into the wee hours of the morning. If ‘not thinking’ is easier said than done, try repeating a calming mantra in your head, or other forms of simple meditative exercises, to clear mental clutter.

5. Exercise.

Not moving enough during the day can be brutal when it comes time to fall asleep, since your body may not be fully ‘tired out.' Daily exercise, even if for just 20 minutes, can make your body feel more ready for sleep after a long day

6. Relax on an adjustable base.

Most adjustable bases allow you to move the head and foot of your mattress up and down, allowing you to elevate your feet or sit ‘up’ slightly in bed. The resulting benefits – especially in a base that comes with built-in massage – often include decreased pressure on the joints, increased blood flow, slower heart rate, and induced relaxation.

7. Find your mattress match.

Some mattresses are designed especially for side sleepers, others, for back sleepers. Some come with features like motion separation for couples who share a bed; others, with extra-cooling technology for hotter climates. Looking for your mattress match? Take our Sleep Test.

8. Regulate your body temperature.

A bedroom or bed that is too hot or cold can make it insanely hard to get some sleep. Keep comfortable by closing (or opening) windows, investing in breathable sheets (or heavier blankets), and opting for a mattress with temperature regulation.

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9. Opt for motion separation.

For couples who share a bed, even the slightest movement from the other person can shake the whole mattress. The solution? Motion separation. It’s a feature found in select mattress that prevents motion from transferring – so you can get to sleeping (even if your partner isn't).

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