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How to Add Color to a Room

Walking the line between subtle and bold, interiors with pops of blue, pink, red, yellow, orange (etc!) are creative and fun. Whether you’re after an all-out rainbow room or a neutral room with a colorful accent or two, these ideas are for you!

1. Wall Art

Add color in a cinch with a gallery of paintings filled with colorful brushstrokes, photographs of colorful objects or sketches on colorful backdrops. Whether it’s for a hallway, bedroom or any room – art makes the perfect way to perk up your surroundings. Intensify your color choices with frames to match!

2. Sculptures

While we’re on the subject of art, let’s not forget stone, the ages-old medium used for artists’ statues and sculptures – and the modern take on the form by way of household sculptures and figurines. While you’re more likely to see neutrals when it comes to these design objects, colorful versions make a unique splash.

3. Lamps

Light is useless without color to illuminate, and the perfect place to start is in the lamp itself. Try bases with metallic colors like gold and silver for a subtler effect, or go bold and modern with bright primaries! To make sure you get the full effect of a lamp’s color at night, opt for an adjustable design that can be angled to shine on and around itself.

4. Faux Plants

Flowers pack high pigmentation per square inch, but they don’t last long and cost a pretty penny. Just as nice-looking are faux flowers, which will cost you less and brighten up a room with just as much energy-giving color. Go with a non-seasonal plant like ferns, which work year-round.

5. Accent Wall

Paint your vision: choose your favorite color and get to applying. The biggest thing in the room (and the thing you look at most in a room, whether subconsciously or not), the wall is your biggest asset for making a room feel brighter, and the right shade can boost your overall mood.

6. Accent Chair

A bold accent chair has a tremendous effect on a room’s color scheme. Choose a shade that fits your style; you can even look into reupholstering options for freshening up an old chair. The great thing about colorful accent chairs is that actually sitting in one, you feel as though you’re enveloped in color – the most fun lounging experience, ever.

7. Poufs

This bright yellow pouf is making our color radars go off – in a good way. Yellow is associated with energy, life and sunshine, but poufs come in a range of colors and the choice is up to you. Try matching a pouf with a throw blanket (see next step) for cool coordination.

8. Throw Blanket

If you don’t think color can have a tangible effect, you’ve never accessorized with a bright throw blanket! Combined with the comfort of soft threads, color looks like it feels like cozy happiness. Throw over a sofa’s arm, chair’s arm or end of a bed for an easy splash of colorful comfort.

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