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4 Solutions for the Small Bedroom Struggle

Small spaces are the hot topic of interior design these days. But no matter how trendy tiny homes become, there’s no denying the harsh reality of living in one. While you can find hundreds of tips and tricks that are meant to help you make a small space feel larger, we have just 4 simple solutions for maximizing your itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bedroom. Follow these instructions to create the retreat you’ve been dreaming of in the space you’ve been squeezing in.

small storage

1 | Storage Beds are Your Best Friends

The easiest way to instantly enlarge your bedroom? Get a storage bed! Whether the design has two drawers, four drawers or even open shelving, that is precious space for your precious belongings right there. These miracle workers eliminate the need for extra dressers, chests or hanging racks, because you can store clothes, accessories and more right in your bed.

2 | Welcome to Tiny Nightstand Land

All nightstands are not created equal, so the trick to picking the perfect one for your square foot-challenged boudoir is to keep it little. Chances are the smaller the cheaper, so you’ll be saving space and cash when you go for pint-sized designs. You can choose one with or without drawers, and even find nightstands that have power outlets and USB ports to charge your devices.

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3 | Vertical = Very Cool

When square footage is low, go high! Vertical storage is where it’s at when it comes to small spaces, so utilize those walls. Shelves are your saving grace, and there are so many different types and styles to choose from. This is a solution that’s as fun as it is functional, because who doesn’t love to show off their books, pictures and treasures? Trust us, this will be your small space game changer.

small wallpaper

4 | Wonder Wallpaper 

To detract attention from the lack of space in your bedroom, you can make your walls the focal point. These babies are full of personality potential. Whether you want to go big and bold with wallpaper, sleek and chic with wall decals or artsy with a gallery of your favorite paintings, there are tons of ways to turn your walls into a wow factor.

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