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10 Very Merry Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

The men in our lives can be the hardest people to get unique gifts for, so when it comes to finding the best gifts for dad, it’s important to get ultra-creative and extra imaginative. Our gift ideas go beyond the typical hot sauce and bbq gadget fare, as we focus on items that he’ll actually use and absolutely love. Think of pieces for your home or his man cave that will make life more comfortable and functional for him. These thoughtful gifts are sure to make dad feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Dad Gift Idea #1: A Reclining Design
Let’s face it: If there’s one item we can all agree on that dads everywhere will appreciate, it’s a comfy recliner. The man works hard, so he needs a special spot that allows him to unwind and enjoy complete and utter comfort. Whether it’s his very own solo reclining lounge (new dads rejoice!) or a reclining sofa he can share with the family, all that matters is that dad can stretch out and settle in for hours of relaxation.
Dad Gift Idea #2: An Entertainment Center
Whether dad loves keeping up with his favorite sports teams, streaming his must-watch programs or catching the latest flicks, there’s no denying he should have the perfect set-up for his big screen and any accompanying high-tech equipment. With TV consoles, media units and entertainment centers that meet a variety of needs and suit a plethora of styles, you’re bound to find the one that fits him.
Dad Gift Idea #3: A Gaming Chair
Because dads lead busy lives, they all deserve some sort of outlet or hobby. For the dad that loves to spend hours upon hours gaming, we have just the gift for him. A gaming chair will let him play comfortably until the wee hours (if he can still stay up that late!) thanks to special features and details that are especially tailored to gamers. Thick foam seats and coil springs provide exceptional lumbar support, while one-touch pneumatic seat adjustments, locking tilt control, full 360-degree rotation and flip up padded armrests offer customization options.
Dad Gift Idea #4: A Gaming Desk
Every gaming chair needs a proper gaming desk to partner with it, and your gamer dad will be proud to have the ultimate set-up. In addition to an abundance of ports and outlets that allow you to plug in multiple devices, this model includes remote-controlled multi-colored LED lights that help create a more exciting, interactive experience. They feature various color, brightness and speed settings, as well as custom color sequences to maximize your game.
Dad Gift Idea #5: A Firepit
Most men you’ve met grew up as low-key pyromaniacs who were captivated by any flame, so there’s a good chance your dad will enjoy having a firepit in the backyard. If your dad is a foodie grill master (or just a simple s’mores enthusiast), he will especially love any excuse to entertain and serve meals outside. Firepits are also perfect for setting the mood and turning up the heat, and your old man probably needs all the help he can get.
Dad Gift Idea #6: A Chaise Lounge
A chaise lounge may seem like more of a gift for the ladies, but hear us out: we think the fellas (especially dad) can appreciate the cozy allure of a chaise, as long as it has the right look and feel for him. If mom has a strict rule against recliners, this inviting design is the perfect alternative. Not only will dad enjoy reading or watching TV here, it truly is an ideal napping spot, and dad usually falls asleep just about anywhere anyways.
Dad Gift Idea #7: Leather Anything
If you’re tired of getting dad all the gadgets and gizmos that he usually receives on Father’s Day or as birthday gifts, leather could be the luxury item he’s missing in his life. Leather has this masculine quality that has the ability to enrich any space. It also brings in natural beauty and authenticity, which lends itself well to a rustic living room, if that’s dad’s typical vibe. You can even choose from Italian leather upholstery collections that offer the best-in-class texture, character and comfort.
Dad Gift Idea #8: Home Office
Like many of us, dad may be working mostly from home these days, which probably means he is in desperate need of an office space to call his own. Fortunately it doesn’t take much to create a setting that inspires productivity and creativity. A desk here, a bookcase there and some task lighting thrown in for good measure, and you have the makings of a room where Dad can really focus and get down to business.