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13 Traditional Christmas Decorations to Elevate the Holidays

Bells will be ringing . . . when you implement these 13 traditional Christmas decoration ideas!
1. Christmas Day Seating
If you’re an early riser, you know the air is never crisper than on Christmas morning. Get a whiff of it before the day’s hubbub unfurls with your own patio swing chair. Decorated with holiday throw pillows and cozy blankets, it’s the perfect traditional Christmas decorative touch.
christmas stocking motifs
2. Christmas Stocking Motifs
Buffalo check originates from clothing — like flannel pajamas and stockings that were and are used to keep warm in snowy farmlands, forests and prairies. Hearken back to the cozy adornments with traditional Christmas pillows.
christmas garland
3. Christmas Garland
If you get one traditional Christmas decoration this year, make it garland. This is the no-nonsense Christmas: it’s simple and pretty much transforms a room instantly, no added work, color, decor or music required.

Pillows for a White Christmas

bed fit for a snowman
4. Bed Fit for a Snowman
Frosty may not like the fireplace hearth, but he’ll surely love a snow-themed bed complete with his favorite colors. With throw blankets as red as his scarf, and sheets and bedspread as white as the coldest icicle dripping from his corncob pipe — traditional red and white color schemes are the sweetest tributes to a wintry friend.
5. Christmas Ornaments + Figurines
Little creatures and critters are irresistible, even if you’re all Christmas-ed out. Combat holiday fatigue with tiny friends placed as table centerpieces or mantel decor. A tray with figurines — combined with ornaments — takes thirty seconds to put together and brings smiles throughout the whole season.
6. Dining Room Christmas Traditions
Food, decor and people - you don't need much more than those three things for the holidays. Dining room decor is about celebrating all three at once: Ambient lighting, warming candlesticks and spirit-brightening table centerpieces keep the mood bright during feasting.

Victorian-Inspired Candle Holders

artificial christmas plants
7. Artificial Christmas Plants
White flowers, poinsettias, mistletoe, orchids and peonies make excellent choices for faux-ing up your holiday decorating traditions. And faux isn't just for florals; try fake branches, pinecones and garland, topped off with artificial snow.
8. Seating Near the Christmas Tree
Watch the kids go after the presents with full force from the comforts of a cozy chair — out of the way of flying ribbons and shrapnel. For Christmas and beyond, holiday parties can last for hours; good seating will keep even the dozing dads content.
snowflake wall decor
9. Snowflake Wall Decor
DIY or store-bought, snowflake wall decor is a classic Christmas decoration, stemming from school projects brought home for Mom to display with pride. Recreate the homemade look — or at least capture the intricate and and crafted nature of it - with detailed patterns that add texture to your holiday walls.

Lanterns for a Warmer Christmas Eve

10. DIY Snowflakes
Or, go all-out with actual homemade snowflakes, all the way. Look into free DIY patterns and templates online or hardcore DIY with your own imagination. Get inspired by the art of origami with folding techniques. The Chinese paper lantern look, transformed into icy Jack Frost stars falling o'er living rooms and dining room will, make the most of a frost-bitten Christmas.
11. Gingerbread House-Inspired Icons
This is a traditional Christmas blanket if we ever saw one. It's got Santa! It's got gingerbread houses! It's got sleighs, presents and flying reindeer! It's the heart of the traditional images and art we associate with holiday movies and stories. Grab an art-filled blanket like this, or a pillow, decorative sign, sculpture or ornament, and get cozy with all the comforting characters we love for the season.
12. Folk Patterns
Despite the complex history that spurred Christmas folklore (look up the origins of Santa Claus — you'll find roots from at least three different countries), the traditional art is simple and sweet. And during the holidays, it's easy to find art in decorative mediums like throw blankets. Other art-filled decorations include table runners, signs, stockings and shams.
13. Winter Bird Friends
When the landscape is blanketed with snow, when the air is crisp and the sun hides away, birds are a rarer sighting. It's when the cold-weather friends hang out in the barren treetops that they make more of an impact. Bleak skies dotted with bright red carolers that pierce the winds with Christmas day songs of cheer? Sign us up, please! (First order of business, wintry bird decor in bedding, Christmas tree, wall hangings, moving figurines and/or snow globes.)

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