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How to Decorate a Small Living Room for Christmas: 5 Festive Tips

Ceiling-high Christmas trees, life-size statues of reindeer, ten-foot-garland-enhanced banisters – for the Christmas-decorator without access to wide-open, sprawling spaces, these may not be realistic. Luckily, there are clever-as-elves alternatives for holiday style: here’s how to decorate a small living room for Christmas.
coffee table tray
1. The Coffee Table Tray
Don’t have floor space? Use coffee table space! The flat surface isn’t just for kicking up your feet when you watch your favorite made-for-TV Christmas flicks – it also makes a great way to show off your décor. Holiday candles, pinecones and mini reindeer collected in a rustic tray brings cheer to even the smallest room.
2. Going All-Out on the Fireplace
There are so many ways to decorate a fireplace, so if you have one, a small room is no excuse to give up on Christmas cheer. On the mantel, hang up stockings, drape homemade garland and place holiday-colored figurines. Under the mantel, gather wood logs for a classic Christmas living room aesthetic.
card wall
3. Card Wall
Small space decorators make use of what they already have, and what you have is walls. Use the wall space with Christmas cards as you would wall art. Swap out your year-round paintings for the mail you’ve received from family and friends: the sentimental alternative to store-bought décor will be sure to make Santa smile on the 24th.
homemade wreath
4. Homemade Wreath
With a little hot glue and twistable sprigs, Christmas magic happens. Get this rustic wreath look with dried oranges (bake orange slices at 225 degrees or until fully dried!), crafting bells and a warm-hued ribbon. Use a glue gun to hold it all together – and wires between the greenery to get the perfect circular shape.
5. Holiday Pillows
If the strips of white between the strips of red on a peppermint stick came to life in the form of a cozy material, we’re pretty sure they would look like this minty-fresh, winter pillow. Sherpa accents like pillows, blankets and even a new chair can turn a nonchalant space into a Christmas wonderland – in even the smallest of Christmas living rooms.

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