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What Is an Innerspring Mattress?

An innerspring mattress delivers supportive comfort by combining a system of coiled metal springs with layers of padded cushioning.

Why Choose an Innerspring Mattress?

Innersprings provide a specific feel, not as plush or contouring as memory foam but firmer, and more supportive. Since its initial appearance in the early 20th century, the innerspring mattress has evolved into an innovation of sleep technology. Through layered systems of response mechanisms designed to target hold and absorb pressure, innerspring mattresses have remained the standard for quality support and comfort.

What Is an Innerspring Mattress?

An innerspring mattress is a mattress made with coils or metal springs. Quality innerspring mattresses are one of the most popular mattress types for one reason: they are designed to deliver spine-aligning hold and pressure-relieving comfort for every type of sleeper. Available in all three comfort levels – plush, medium and firm – modern innerspring mattresses sleep cool, prevent the transfer of motion from one sleep partner to the other and offer unbeatable support.

Innerspring Mattresses for Back and Side Sleepers

Sleeping on the back or side helps to distribute body weight more evenly – which means that back and side sleepers are often able to choose a plusher comfort level in an innerspring mattress without losing a supportive feel.

1. The Revive Series 6 Plush

Designed with 5-Series Individually Wrapped Coils, Eco-Flex High-Density Foam, Tri-Zone Foam Encasement Design and a Soft Stretch Knit Cover, the Revive Series 6 Plush mattress combines memory foam and innersprings for both quality support and an ultra-soft feel.

2. The Revive Gel Springs Plush

With even more layers of innersprings than the Revive Series 6 Plush, the Revive Gel Springs Plush offers a new generation of spring and comfort technology through the 7-Series Wrapped Coil System – perfect for those who prefer a plush to medium-firm comfort level.

3. The Beautyrest Black C Class Plush Pillow Top

Beautyrest’s Black C Class Plush innerspring mattress with pillow top combines the intense hold of Beautyrest Black’s GelTouch Foam and alternating Pocketed Coil Springs with the contouring power of Technoluxe Memory Foam for the best of both comfort and support.

Innerspring Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

To prevent the spine from caving under pressure, stomach sleepers require an innerspring mattress with a firmer comfort level.

1. The Premier Innerspring Firm

Revive’s most supportive model yet, the Premier Innerspring Firm packs in a dense system of coils designed to target support toward areas of high pressure and an innovative breathable memory foam for adaptive, pressure-relieving comfort.

innerspring firm for back

2. The Stearns & Foster Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm

Built with Stearns & Foster’s signature wrapped coil systems, the Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm innerspring mattress takes responsive support to a whole new level; made with revolutionary hybrid foam-coil technology, each individually wrapped coil fully absorbs weight and delivers laser-focused pressure-relief. Plus, each of Stearns & Foster’s mattresses is designed and crafted by hand to ensure the highest in quality comfort.

3. The Revive Granite Extra Firm

Featuring Revive’s famous Eco Flex Foam, Enhanced Edge Foam, Individually Wrapped Coil System and Firm Tight Top, the Granite Extra Firm delivers a core of high-performance dense hold under a silky-smooth surface – designed especially for those who need tight top support, with the added comfort of a memory foam core.

What Are Individually Wrapped Coils?

Individually wrapped coil technology creates for a more responsive mattress. Instead of all coils linked together (and moving together all at once), only one individually wrapped coil will move when pressed upon. The benefits include less motion transfer: your sleeping partner will be less likely to wake up when you roll onto your side – making for a happier morning all around.

Another benefit of individually wrapped coils is a more buoyant feel. This type of mattress feels less stiff than traditional springs and targets support exactly where your joints hit the mattress.

What Are Bonnell Coils?

The original innerspring technology, Bonnell coils are interlinked coils. (Unlike individually wrapped coils, Bonnell coils are interconnected and not individually separated.) In a mattress, Bonnell coils appear as a grid of hourglass-shaped coils. The hourglass shape allows a rounded top to conform to a person's body weight – and a flat bottom to target support. While many people choose pocketed springs over Bonnell, those who prefer higher support or prefer to sleep on their backs may prefer Bonnell coils.

What About Natural Fibers?

For many innerspring mattresses, you may notice product descriptions talking about natural fibers. This simply means that along with innersprings, the mattress contains naturally-derived filling. In innerspring mattresess, these fillings are most commonly made of wool, cotton or polyester to create more breathability within the mattress and a cooler feel.

While synthetic materials tend to harbor moisture and sleep hotter, natural fibers breathe, increasing airflow within the mattress and creating a more comfortable night's sleep.

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