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The Round Chair Trend Is Like A Great Big ‘Bear Hug’

Round chairs will usually feature circular armrests, curved backs or oval seats – all of which are designed to embrace the seated person.

Bear Hug, in Round Chair Form

A circle of comfort greets those who choose a rounded chair. It’s like the furniture iteration of a great big bear hug!

Shape Brings A Lot to the Table

When you think of a cozy chair, you probably think of a chair upholstered in plush, lush fabrics like wool or chenille. When you think of an uncozy chair, you probably think of a chair made of hard, dense materials like wood or metal. However, when you think of a chair’s comfort, what you should actually be thinking of, instead of material type, is shape

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the photo below. A soft, curved shape makes all the difference – and can take any design from feeling cold-and-standoffish to warm and inviting, in a stay-for-a-while-and-curl-up-by-the-fireplace kind of way.

Curl Intentions

The best kind of Saturday nights are the ones where you’re all curled up with no place to go, especially when your chair curls up along with you. As the old saying goes, ‘chairing is caring’ (or something like that)!

You love your chair. You always choose it over all the other seats in the living room. During the moments when you’re forced away from it, either to retrieve water from the fridge or take care of business in the bathroom, you keep your attention on high alert – giving the ‘stink eye’ to anyone who may be thinking about stealing your beloved seat. While other chairs have come and gone, fancier and trendier than ‘your’ chair, you’ve remained loyal and true, refusing the temptations of ‘better seats.’

Wouldn’t it be great if your feeling for your chair was mutual, if it loved you back, reciprocated the loyalty? Extended its arms out around you in a warm embrace – as if it couldn’t get enough of you, wanted to feel even closer to you?

The answer, if you don’t know by now, is yes!

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