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Sofa Bed and Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide

If you don’t have space in your home for a dedicated guest bedroom, a sofa bed is the next best thing. When you buy a sofa with a built-in bed, you always have a place for guests to sleep, no matter the size of your home. 

Color and Design Details

You might be buying the sofa bed so you can use it as a place for someone to sleep in, but keep in mind that it will likely be in sofa form most of the time—not folded out into a bed. This means you should pay attention to how the product looks as a sofa, not simply as a bed.

So, consider the color as you shop, making sure you choose a shade that matches the rest of the furniture in the room. Luckily, sofa beds come in nearly all colors, from neutrals like gray or beige to bright shades that make a statement—such as orange or turquoise.

While you think about the color, you should also consider the design. You can keep it simple, or you can go for more elaborate details — such as tapered legs and tufted backs. Just consider what best matches your home’s current style.

Sofa Bed Sizes

Sofa beds come in a few different sizes, so you should spend some time deciding on the best one for your home. First, consider how much space you have for the sofa. If you have plenty of room for it, you can go with a standard sleeper sofa that has three cushions across. These typically pull out into Queen-size beds, offering enough space for one or two adults to sleep.
If you’re pressed for space in your home, don’t worry. You can still get a sleeper sofa, but you might have to stick with a loveseat or chair that unfolds into a twin bed. For example, the Cliff Twin Sleeper would fit perfectly into a small space, since it simply looks like a nice cushioned chair you can keep in the corner of your family room. And then, when a friend needs a spot to sleep, you can easily pull out a twin bed – without taking over the entire room.
Just keep in mind that you need enough space not just for the sofa itself, but also the bed when it’s pulled out. Be sure to measure around the bed before you buy. The width and length are particularly important to know, so you can make sure you won’t be hitting any walls when you pull out the bed.

Now that you know what size and color to get your sofa sleeper in, it’s time to think about the inside of this piece of furniture. More specifically, you need to choose the type of mattress you want, because there are a few options on the market.

One of the most common types of mattresses you’ll find in a sofa bed are innersprings. Innerspring sofa beds feature coils that provide some bounce and lots of comfort. And remember, the more coils the mattress has, the more comfortable it tends to be, so go for one that has at least 600 coils for best results!

If you prefer higher levels of softness, consider a memory foam sofa bed, and be sure to choose one that’s thick and comfortable.

How to Make a Sofa Bed Mattress More Comfortable

While sofa beds are designed to for sleeping, some people may prefer different comfort levels. If a sofa bed doesn't meet your personal firmness/plushness requirements, simply adding a mattress topper can change the entire feel of a sofa bed mattress. (Opt for a firm topper if the mattress feels too plush – and plush mattress if it feels too firm.)

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