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Recliners for Tall People: How to Measure for Your Best Fit

As any tall person will tell you, trying to get comfortable on a ‘regular-sized’ recliner isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Choose head support, and your feet will dangle off – and vice versa. Luckily, the days of choosing between a comfortable head and comfortable feet are over. Keep reading for a list of our top recliners for tall people!

  1. Carl Power Lift Recliner with Power Headrest

Built extra long for the extra tall, the Carl recliner also comes with lifting, stretching and headrest adjusting – and, get this, a built-in heater.

tall recliner

2. Marcus Recliner with Power Headrest and USB

The Marcus isn’t just long – it’s also extra roomy for total spatial comfort. Features include a built-in USB port, high-performance fabric and adjustable headrest.

3. Amala Reclining Swivel Chair with Adjustable Headrest & Ottoman

The great thing about the Amala recliner is that it comes with a portable ottoman, an extra extension, if you will, that can be moved however close – or far away – you may need to ensure your feet won’t ‘dangle off.’ Other features of the Amala include a 100% leather construction, adjustable headrest, and swivel base.

extension recliner

Buying Tips

  1. Check the dimensions.

    While checking the dimensions before buying seems like an obvious thing to do, checking the dimensions fully extended is not. Often, the default measurements listed on a website will refer only to a recliner in its upright (non-extended) position. It never hurts to contact the retailer for the extended dimensions or visit the recliner in person to measure the length yourself.

  2. Look for adjustable features.

    Just because a recliner extends enough to ‘fit’ your whole body, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be comfortable. Choose one with adjustable features for more precise support.

  3. Try it in the store.

    A recliner that is long enough for your height and comes with adjustable features may look good on paper, but nothing beats actually trying the recliner in store to ensure you’re getting a perfect fit.

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