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Patio Cushions Buying Guide

There’s nothing quite like lounging around in a comfortable patio chair on a beautiful day, as you listen to the birds sing outside. But what happens when your favorite patio chair’s cushions are lost or damaged, or when you buy new patio furniture that doesn’t come with cushions? That’s when it’s time to buy the best cushions you can find, using these tips for guidance.

Consider the Shape and Size

You need to find outdoor cushions that will fit your patio furniture. This means taking size and shape into consideration. As you shop for cushions, you’ll see that the most common options are cushions for outdoor chaise lounges and patio dining chairs and benches. Choose the cushion that best fits the type of seating you have on your patio.
First, make sure it is the right size. After all, not all chairs and benches have the same measurements, so get out your measuring tape and determine the width and depth of the seat. Then, think about how high you want the seating to be by considering cushion thickness.

Choose Your Preferred Fabric

Now, it’s time for the fun part: choosing the fabric of your outdoor cushions. As you do this, consider your outdoor décor—if you have any—as well as your personal style preferences.
Generally, you want fabric that wipes clean easily and is resistant to sunlight, water and mold—because after a few months outside, it’s not going to stay nearly as clean and bright as your living room couch cushions. 
Luckily, most cushions made for the outdoors check all these boxes and include materials such as cotton canvas, vinyl and duck cloth.

Types of Filling

You have a couple of filling choices as you shop for outdoor cushions. One is foam – one of the most common and affordable options. The other is batting, which is foam wrapped in a material called Dacron. This option tends to be smooth and firm, so go with this if you don’t exactly want to ‘sink’ into your cushions. 
However, you can still get firm cushions with only foam filling. Just go with the highest density foam you can find if you want a firm seat.

As you shop for outdoor chairs, keep an eye out for a few extra features you might like. Ties, for example, allow you to securely attach the cushion to the seat so it doesn’t slide around or fly away on a windy day.
If you don’t like stepping outside and seeing the same cushions every day—but you don’t have the budget to buy new ones regularly—go for reversible cushions that have a different color or pattern on each side. A similar option is a slipcover, which lets you quickly change the aesthetics of each cushion within minutes.
If you’re feeling inspired to shop for new patio furniture, check out our outdoor lounge options. And feel free to add even more appeal to your patio by placing some pretty outdoor pillows on your seating!

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