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Matchmaker, Matchmaker: 4 Living Room Set Tips

When you think of the goals you have for your living room, creating a comfortable, cohesive, coordinated space probably tops the list. Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your vision comes true is to opt for a living room set. Nice living room sets typically include several matching pieces that offer a similar look and feel, and we have tips on how to find the best sofa set for you.

1. Match Your Accent Fabric

One of the ways to make your space stand out is to choose a family room sofa set with a bold accent fabric. The trick is to stay consistent with that fabric by matching the accent pillows to the accent chair. Having a graphic pattern that shows up throughout your living room will help add distinctive style and modern flair.

2. Maximize Seating

One of the most comfortable living room sets you can select is an option that includes two pieces, to double the size. Our motto will always be the more seating, the better, so having some space to stretch out, as well as a chair that allows anyone to lounge solo is ideal. Thanks to a sofa/chaise design, you can truly relax and unwind.

3. Add an Ottoman

Truly comfortable sofa sets wouldn’t be complete without an ottoman. Sure, you need somewhere to sit and kick back, but having a spot to rest your legs is hands down the best. Luckily, it’s easy to find ottomans that match any chair, sofa and loveseat, so you can enjoy a cozy and stylish experience.

4. Stay Classy

Classic living room sets and fancy living room sets are perfect for elevating your space, and we offer plenty to choose from. With tailored details and sophisticated features like tufted cushions and graceful accent pillows, these pieces work together to bring on the charm. Just pair them with stately occasional tables for a design that goes above and beyond.

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