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Is a Revive Hybrid Mattress Right for Me?

Depending on the comfort level, a Revive hybrid mattress might be right for you if you sleep on your back. Learn all about it here!

Who is the Best Type of Sleeper for Revive Hybrid Mattresses?

When deciding on the best mattress type for your sleep preferences, it can be common to focus on the material type – innerspring, memory foam or hybrid. Material type, however, has actually less to do with how a mattress feels to you than does the comfort level it contains. Revive hybrid mattresses generally offer more of a “balanced” comfort-support ratio compared to mattresses made with only innerspring or only memory foam, which makes them the top choice of those who prefer to sleep on their backs. (Because it naturally evenly distributes body weight, sleeping on the back, unlike sleeping on the side or stomach, requires neither “extra” support nor “extra” comfort.)

Choosing a Revive Hybrid Mattress for a Back Sleeper

But if you are indeed a back sleeper, be aware that Revive hybrid mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all! Because of comfort levels, one hybrid Revive mattress may offer more support than another; when shopping for a new Revive hybrid mattress, look for words like “firm,” “plush,” and “medium,” – all of which can affect how a Revive hybrid mattress feels to you. The key to knowing whether or not you’re choosing the best Revive hybrid? Try out all three comfort levels in-store yourself.

The Final Verdict

Still not sure? If all three feel equally as comfortable or you’re having a hard time deciding between two, then your safest bet is to go with medium – the middle point between plush and firm.

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