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Hassock vs. Ottoman (What’s the Difference?)

Hassock . . . ottoman . . . footstool . . . if you’ve heard one term, you’ve heard them all. Here, we’re clearing up the differences in meanings behind each one, so that the next time you refer to that thing you use to prop your feet up, you can say it with confidence!

What Is a Hassock?

A hassock is a fabric footstool without storage. Most commonly, the term refers to the types of designs that are rounder and taller (about the height of a small side table). Hassock, however, is a general term that can also be used to describe coffee-table-sized footrest units without storage.

Hassock vs. Ottoman

The term “ottoman” has a very similar meaning to “hassock.” Both refer to footstools or footrests covered in fabric. While a hassock is a footrest only, an ottoman can come with or without storage.

Hassocks and ottomans are often used as coffee tables, footrests and even side table space.

Use an ottoman with storage as an easy way to control living room clutter!

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