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Glider Chair Buying Guide

If you’re looking for living room or nursery comfort at its most relaxing, look no further than the glider chair.

What is a glider chair?

A glider is a type of chair that moves in a back-and-forth motion along a fixed track. A common staple in nurseries, living rooms and bedrooms, modern gliders mimic the soothing motions of a traditional rocking chair, but in a safer, easier to operate design; while a rocking chair meets the floor at an arch, a glider chair remains completely on the ground at all times, eliminating the risk for ‘pinching’ or ‘trapping’ anything below its base.

What is a power glider chair?

A power glider chair is operated by a series of automatic motors built within the chair’s design, which can be turned on or off via a wireless remote (or button located on the armrest). Most modern power glider chairs come in a cordless design, featuring a battery pack, making it easy to move and style the recliner without having to worry about power extensions or outlets.

What is a manual glider chair?

Unlike a power glider, a manual glider chair does not include motors or batteries; instead, the gliding motion is activated by applying pressure with the feet (or shifting weight), similar to the mechanics of a traditional rocking chair.

What is the difference between a glider chair and rocker chair?

Glider chairs move along a built-in track, back and forth; rocker chairs do not have a track and rock along an arched base. Compared to rocker chairs, most glider chair designs are easier to operate, since they don’t require the same amount of force needed for continued motion. However, because rockers have arched or curved legs, they are usually the preferred form for those who want a higher-intensity motion. Glider chairs’ flat sliding mechanisms, on the contrary, results in a gentler back-and-forth feel.

While both chair types are staples in nurseries, gliders are becoming the more popular choice. This is because gliders are built in such a way that they can’t “trap” things (such as toes, fingers and objects) as easily as a rocking chair. Gliders are also, simply, more modern: they contain a mechanism that can be adjusted and used only as needed – whereas the traditional rocker has no such mechanism, containing only curved legs and rocking whether or not you want it to rock! Personal preference (simply knowing whether your preferred motion is sliding or gliding) is really the ultimate deciding factor, though, and the best way to choose the best design for your home or nursery is to experience both types before buying.

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