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Counter Height Dining Room Furniture Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for new dining room furniture, consider buying a counter height table with counter height stools to match. This type of furniture is a little taller than the standard table and chairs, offering a more unique, casual look for your dining room. But exactly how tall is counter height furniture, and what should you consider before you go shopping? Here’s what you need to know about counter height dining room furniture for your home.

What Is Counter Height?

First, you should get an idea of just how tall counter height tables and stools tend to be so you can compare them to other furniture options. In most cases, counter height tables are about 34 to 36 inches high. Compare this to standard tables, which are usually less than 30 inches high. On the other hand, bar tables are even higher, standing about 40 to 45 inches tall. 

So, if you want to be a little high up off the ground – but not quite as high as a bar table and stools – counter height furniture may be just right.

What Are Counter Height Stools?

If you buy a counter height table, you’ll need seating to match, which means you should look into counter height stools. These are about 24 to 27 inches tall, measured from the floor to the seat. Note that they are taller than standard chairs, which are about 18 inches. At the same time, though, counter height stools are shorter than bar height stools, which tend to be taller than 27 inches.

How to Pick the Right Counter Height Table

As you browse counter height tables, you’ll notice there are lots of styles to choose from. Before you start getting overwhelmed with choices, focus on the basics. First, measure your dining room and then choose a table based on the height, width and depth that will fit. You don’t want to choose a counter height table that is so long that you can’t fit seating around it, or one that is so tall your head touches the chandelier when you sit down to eat. Once you have some dimensions in mind, think about whether you want a matching set or prefer to buy your chairs and table separately. 

When you buy a counter height set, you can rest assured the table will match the stools perfectly. If you decide to buy the counter height table separately, you’ll need to decide whether you want it in light or dark, or perhaps a black or white painted finish. Then choose the shape – counter height tables can typically be square, rectangular or round.
Keep in mind that backless stools look simpler and are more classic, but they’re not as comfortable to sit in for hours, as are chairs with backs. The same thoughts can be applied to the decision between cushioned vs. non-cushioned seats, as the former are more comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

Choosing Counter Height Stools

If you’re buying the table and stools separately, keep an eye on the height of your furniture to make sure it will all work together. In general, the stools should be 10 inches shorter than the counter height table. As you shop for counter stools, think about whether you want them to be able to swivel or just stayed fixed. Swivel stools tend to be easier to get into and out of, and they’re often great for conversation because you can swivel toward the person you’re talking to. Similarly, think about whether you want armrests on your counter height stools, as these are a comfortable addition to any seat. Another detail to consider is whether you want the stools to have backs or be backless. 

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