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Bunkie Board Buying Guide

Today's hottest bedroom furniture includes platform beds, and that means using supportive bases to maintain that polished look. This is the job for a high-quality bunkie board that is built to last!

What is a Bunkie Board?

A bunkie board is a thin but solid foundation that fits beneath your mattress and gives a platform bed, daybed, trundle unit, or bunk bed, more strength and support. Rather than use a box spring foundation, the bunkie board takes up less room and allows the bed to remain lower in profile than it would be if a box spring was added.
The best bunkie boards are constructed so that they don’t make noise when you move at night. Decent padding and composition, along with being easily assembled, will make your ownership of a bunkie board more enjoyable. Most bunkie boards are one piece bunkie boards, with nothing for you to put together – all you need to do is simply pick it up, unwrap it, and place it on your bed! Another perk to this type of bunkie board is that it is generally among the most affordable.

Benefits of Buying a Bunkie Board

Bunkie boards have several benefits.

  • In a platform bed that has only slats for the sleeping surface to lay on, a bunkie board keeps the mattress from falling through or the support slats from breaking.
  • As mentioned earlier, bunkie boards streamline and minimize the bed, maintaining its sleek low profile.
  • Affordability is a huge bonus of bunkie boards. They are typically priced far less than any other type of box spring or foundation.

Do you need a bunkie board for your mattress foundation?

If you have a great trundle bed or daybed that needs just a touch more strength or support, a bunkie board is the perfect mattress foundation. Bunkie boards were initially created to work with children’s bunk beds, and they are still the perfect base for kid’s mattresses today. Likewise, your sleek platform bed will look amazing with a bunkie board under your low profile mattress. (Be careful, though. Low profile foundations and beds are inviting to your furry kids!)
Do you need a bunkie board for your home? If you have one of the ultramodern memory foam mattresses, a bunkie board is the perfect companion foundation for it. Strong and durable, it allows you to keep your platform bed's sleek and low profile looks while giving your children's bunkbeds the strength they need to stand up to years of use.

What Size Bunkie Board Do You Need?

Bunkie boards aren’t one-size-fits-all; sleeping on a too-small bunkie board could result in quick deterioration of your mattress’s construction and support, while a too-large bunkie board will often look out of place and may make it difficult to get in and out of bed. Determining, however, which bunkie board will best fit and support your mattress is as simple as referring to your mattress’s size – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen or King or Cal King – and finding the bunkie board with the same dimensions.

Shopping for a Bunkie Board In-Store

If you are shopping for a bunkie board for your new mattress and are unsure of the exact brand, size or depth best for you, ask a sales representative about the manufacturer’s recommendations; often, certain mattresses come with their own bunkie boards, customized specifically for the particular mattress’s construction and materials.

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