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Social Distancing Ideas: 5 Ways to Embrace "Me Time"

Coronavirus. Quarantine. Social Distancing. Terms that have changed our lives over the last few weeks, and will continue to impact us for the foreseeable future. While we navigate this new day and age, we want to focus on how we can make our homes our havens. 

As our living spaces become our working spaces, our schooling spaces, our fitness spaces, our entertainment spaces, our dining spaces and our lounging spaces, we want to help you make these spaces as special as possible. Starting with the spaces you can carve out for yourself. This ‘time out’ from each other can mean ‘time in’ for you, so we’re bringing you 6 ways social distancing ideas to make the most of ‘me time’.


Get organized.

The more time you spend at home, the more you’re likely to realize that there’s a lot to organize. Whether it’s your files and emails, books and magazines, toys and decor, a significant declutter is bound to make you feel better. When we’re surrounded by things we don’t need, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so don’t fight the urge to purge.

Get revitalized.

We may be spending more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your daily dose of green. Accents that are fresh and lush will keep your space feeling alive and bright. Bring in art that brings in a splash of succulent style, add a chair that adds zest, pop in pillows that pop with personality, and don’t forget house plants that clear the air and rejuvenate your space.

Get cooking.

More time at home means more time in your kitchen, so why not get cooking? Now is a golden opportunity to take a look at those recipes that you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Try your hand at hearty soups and stews, enjoy an afternoon of baking sweets and treats, experiment with new takes on pasta and potatoes. You’ll be the next Chef Boyardee in no time.

Get cozy.

When you’re literally mandated to hunker down, there’s nothing better than cozying up. Carve out a space for yourself - a nook, if you will - and make it the ultimate destination for relaxation. You can read books here, do work here, drink wine here, catch up with friends via skype here and watch your favorite shows here. All you need is a comfy seat, a convenient perch to place your things on and a warm throw.

Get zen.

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room or office, transform an open space in your home into a serene retreat. You can refresh and reset in a setting that inspires you to focus on self-care and wellness. Create a calming atmosphere for yoga and meditation with soft layers, tranquil tones and uplifting imagery.

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