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5 Tips for the Sage Green Color Trend

If there’s anyone who loves the sage green color trend, it’s Sarah Randall, the DIY and design guru behind @sarahellenrandall on Instagram. Here, she shares with us a few of her favorite photos from a bedroom makeover that makes the most of the calming hue – and we’re sharing a few of our own tips inspired by the aesthetic.
sage green color

1. Use It In a Bedroom

By no accident did Sarah choose a bedroom for sage; the green hue is one of the most calming choices, perfect for creating a tranquil sleeping environment.

2. Start With a Base Color

Before painting sage, paint a wall a crisp shade of white first as a base layer, especially if the wall contains yellow tones that may not mix well with sage paint.

3. Accent With Neutrals

Beige, light brown, grey and white are soft neutrals – decorate with these to enhance the calming power of sage.
sage green aesthetics

4. Create Depth With Wainscoting

Wainscoting, or panels on a wall, also known as shiplap, adds depth to a paint color. Wainscoting looks extra beautiful at night when lit up by sconces or table lamps, where the light casts shadows and extra dimension to the color.

5. Texturize with Layers

As a finishing touch, bring in decorative layers. Here, decorative wall baskets add a rustic finish to the sage green backdrop, while an upholstered headboard and layered throws soften the space.

For more design inspiration, follow @sarahellenrandall on Instagram.

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