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The Striped Rug Trend Everyone Is Talking About

Earn your stripes with a little style.
They’re not just for zebras and tigers anymore! Vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes are dominating in interiors everywhere, especially in rugs. The bigger and more defined the pattern, the more dimensional and alive your space will feel.

Elongating Benefits

Placing a stripe pattern in a room can make the room feel somehow bigger, and there’s a reason for it; stripes stretch out, drawing the eye out toward a longer field of vision, and emphasizing the open spaces beyond the rug’s limits.

When combined, chunky and thin verticals create an instantly relaxed ambiance – perfect for bedroom zen!

For a trendier statement, go for stripes running in different directions. In this neutral-heavy living room, black and white stripes pop against the sleek table and sofa.

Texture is also key – and can make or break the feel of an entire room. Up the pile height for a little more luxury!
Coastal textures like jute and sisal will play up a more natural, breezier ambiance.

Want less drama? Thinner, blended lines create calming, subtler definition.
Color block – but without the colors. The chubby, neutral stripes above soften and balance the darker color scheme of the wood furniture.

Striped rugs truly are the unsung heroes of interior design. They provide comfort for our treads, prevent our floors from scratching, and even mute loud footsteps, all while bringing an effortless punch of style. With such a variety of materials, from textured jute to silky cotton to buttery leather, it’s easier than ever to “earn your stripes” – and match them exactly to your home’s aesthetic.

So, if you’re struggling with boring floors, what are you waiting for? Your path to style is all “lined up” for you!

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