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10+ Swimming Pool Ideas That Make a Splash

Refreshing swimming pool ideas and design inspiration that will make you want to dive right in.

Your swimming pool should be a source of refreshment and relaxation and add to your home’s style. If your pool could use a little help in any or all of those categories, it may be time to think about revamping some core elements of the design: things like swapping a cement floor for tiles, adding color to the walls and border or even expanding upon its size and shape.

But if reconstruction is out of your budget, there are simple steps you can take to make your pool feel new again – without shelling out thousands of dollars on structural design.

While design elements like shape, material and color of the pool itself is one thing – the around-the-pool designs are just as important. While poolside chaises are popular, they’re by no means the only way to bring out your backyard watering hole. Consider a poolside daybed (#12 below), a curated footpath (#3) or even a wall-hugging waterfall (#6) – all of which will make a unique “splash” to rival the pool itself.

Of course, pool maintenance is just as important. Regularly test the pool water and chemical levels to ensure safe levels of chlorine and a clean swimming environment. Regularly check the pump and filter and keep them running (ideally on a daily basis) for proper circulation. And always keep a netting bag or pool rake handy; before every pool use, use it to catch floating leaves and other natural debris. When doing this, poolside decor comes naturally and makes creating your own personal backyard repose all the easier.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas and Inspiration - Images

If you’re ready to dive into a pool revamp, check out a few of our favorite pool and poolside ideas – for every budget and every size and style of backyard.

The Curated Look

With casual-chic design elements like wicker furniture and this statement fire pit (which doubles as a sleek coffee table during the day), this poolside retreat is as cool as they come.

Blue Pool Blues

Lounge poolside in blue designs just as refreshing as the water itself.

A Stone Path

A charming stone garden path leads to contemporary outdoor seating and a red brick-framed pool.

Chic Concrete

With no red bricks to line it, this pool’s edge features a sleeker, all-cement encasement to match its poolside lounge.

pool architecture

Zen Pool

This stunning backyard speaks for itself, creating a zen-like retreat sans decor.

Endless Waterfall

A pair of chaises over a swimming pool waterfall. Can life get any better?

Cool Reflections

Doesn’t this swimming pool just make you want to dive right in? The magic comes from the bright blue hue of the water – brighter than most, thanks to a blue-tiled pool floor.

Shape of Things

A long, narrow rectangular pool meant for doing laps – or simply enjoying the view from poolside lounge or bar.

sunny deck

A Little Bit of Fun

Want a little more charm? Skip the perfect rectangle- or circle-shaped pool and opt for one that’s a little more asymmetrical, like this curvy ‘cement pond.’

Poolside Repose

A backyard classic, the Adirondack is the perfect place to dry off.

Running Parallel

This straight-as-an-arrow pool gets stylish with a row of sleek seating on its deck.

Backyard Haven

On a warm afternoon: Does a sparkling backyard pool make a shady daybed all the more inviting – or vice versa?

To Scale

There are pools made for swimming laps, and then there are pools made for wading and luxuriating, like this smaller (but not any less refreshing) round one.

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