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4 Southern Decor Ideas That Will “Bless Your Heart”

If the call of sophistication draws you just as strongly as that of comfort, you may possess the spirit of a Southern homemaker. She has an eye for light, bright décor – knowing exactly which final touches to include to make any guest feel at right ease. If you’re drawn to her call – to aesthetics impeccably clean, warmly rustic and colorfully bright – then keep reading, for each of these Southern décor ideas is designed to help you answer it.
1. Fixin’ for First Impressions
While Southerners have a reputation for their charm (there’s no one who will make you feel more at home!), they’re also known for their straight-shootin’. . . there’s no confusion when it comes to how you’re perceived by even the most proper debutante. In true Southern fashion, let your house tell your story as soon as guests walk in: the first-impressions entryway should include all the details from color to style to texture that your guests can expect to find throughout the rest of your home. Barn aesthetics like baskets of fruit, bulls-head figurines and Roman numeral clocks add a rustic charm – and a glimpse of the South-soaked rooms to come.
2. Pretty-as-a-Peach Palettes
Farmhouse sconces, leather pillows and cream-colored bedding capture the Southern soul. Quilted patterns, fuzzy shams and crisp white palettes bring it to life. In a Southern-style bedroom, let in as much natural light as possible – sheer white drapes are excellent for this purpose.
dining accents
3. Dining for Soul Food
Dumplings, biscuits-and-gravy and just about anything fried makes for the kind of supper that warms the soul. When serving a Southern meal, the setting is just as important as the cuisine. White-and-black dining chairs, panel dining tables, distressed wood serving trays and lots of live greenery help to create that infamous Dixie charm.
4. Take-Your-Sweet-Time Porch Decor
Southern living is easy living. When you dine, you eat until you’re full. When you laugh, you laugh with your whole heart. When you take it easy, you let nothing bother you. Each and every moment is life-to-the-fullest. It’s present and vivid – and, as Southerners know, will someday be looked back upon as ‘the good old days.’ Hosting, entertaining and socializing should be no different: guests should linger as long as the conversation flows; porch décor with all kinds of greenery encourages that stay-a-little-while-longer feel.

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