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modern farmhouse decor
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Modern Farmhouse Décor Ideas

Modern farmhouse décor combines contemporary style with vintage designs inspired by the simplicity of life on the farm in the 19th and 20th centuries.

1. Cowhide Rug

Inspire the quaint charm of open prairies, big skies and farmhouse living with a cowhide rug.

2. Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Nothing epitomizes farmhouse style like wood furniture, but if you’re not careful, an all-natural intrerior can easily give off a strong Arts-and-Crafts vibe. If you want to elevate the aesthetic with contemporary touches, but don’t want to detract from a rustic farmhouse appeal, look to the ceiling; hanging light fixtures in modern steel or iron draw the eye upward without overpowering a neutral color scheme.

modern farmhouse decor dining

3. Animal Wall Art

Walls adorned with paintings of horses, sheep and other animals will take you back to the natural beauty of farmhouse living.

4. Warm Wood Furniture + Decor 

In the early years of farmhouse living, materials for décor and furniture were often in short supply or hard to come by, except for wood – and all-wood interiors were the norm. To recreate this organic look, style wood wherever you can. In decorative elements, look for unexpected designs, such as the porter lamp pictured below, to incorporate touches of modern influence.

modern farmhouse decor animals

5. Architectural Silhouettes

Part rustic, part contemporary, part vintage, modern farmhouse thrives off variety. Don’t be afraid to incorporate pieces from other styles – especially ones that embrace the wood-and-metal charm so predominant amid farmhouse décor (such as the architectural stools pictured to the right).

6. Sky Blue + Fresh White

Invite in the feeling of long summer days every day by mimicking the crisp blue-and-white of open prairie skies.

modern farmhouse decor bar stools

7. Open Slat Designs

Marrying form and function, slat back chairs and other open-concept furniture designs are perhaps the most emblematic of the modern farmhouse style.

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