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Mini Bar Ideas for Small-Space ‘Happy Hour’

The mini bar trend is the latest to hit American homes everywhere. Use these ideas to get inspired and make your next happy hour – whether virtual or IRL – a total vibe.
mini bar ideas

Tiers to You!

A dining room classic, this gold mini bar set up has all the must-haves: stemware, cocktail shaker – and of course the obligatory fermented grape juice. Makes a great serve-yourself station at parties and mixers.
mini bar ideas for small spaces


The runway model of mini bars, this stunner’s gold finish shares the spotlight with Art Deco-inspired lines.
minibar for small spaces

White and Gold

A classic color combo, but also note the cute matching shaker! Just goes to show that details make the outfit and the home bar.
minibar ideas

Storage Compartments

If you’re the type who likes to ‘organize for fun,’ this wine bar’s got your name written all over it (but, like, in an organized way).

Mini Bar Hoppin’

An outdoor mini bar: because it’s got to be summer somewhere, right?
white mini bar

‘Old Fashioned,’ Please

And if you’re out of whiskey, we’ll settle for old-fashioned-inspired bar décor!
metal mini bar

For the Chef

This kitchen mini bar stores cookware and cookbooks in style.

For the Pool

Grab a towel and get a free drink. (Makes sense to us!)
wood mini bar

Away Message

We’re away for the moment and will come back as soon as we’re done salivating over this mesmerizing wood mini bar. Return time: probably never.
summer mini bar

Wicker Store

Step outside – and feel like you’ve stepped into vacation. With a wicker mini bar, life’s a beach.

Mini Bar Ideas

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