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The Three Most Iconic Sofas from Television History

Some of the most iconic sofas from television history were just as captivating as the characters themselves. Here are three of our favorites – and furniture inspired* by them!

*Living Spaces and its products are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Big Bang Theory, Friends, or Seinfeld.
Get the look: The Cassidy (pictured above) brings all the same warm-fuzzy feels as the iconic TV sofa.

1. The Big Bang Theory

The lovable physicists' brown leather couch

Show-Stealing Features: Its decent size. (In the show’s opening credits sequence, it’s shown seating four of the show’s characters!)

Why We Love It: A warm brown hue that just feels like home.

Our Fondest Memory: The epic scavenger hunt, which leads everyone fighting for a coin hidden under the corner cushion.

Other Big Bang Theory-Inspired Furniture:

Get the look: The Patterson’s red hue, half-roll arms and tufted back will always be there for you.

2. Friends

The orange sofa served as the friends’ coffee shop seating

Show-Stealing Features: An unforgettable silhouette – half-roll arms and a tufted backrest.
Why We Love It: Its luxurious upholstery that looks like it feels like pure, rich velvet.
Our Fondest Memory: “The One with the Bullies,” in which love for the sofa is put to the test when strangers try to ‘steal’ the furniture piece.

Other Friends-Inspired Furniture:

Get the look: The Utopia (above) looks so much like Seinfeld’s sofa, we’re half-expecting him to show up any minute!

3. Seinfeld

The iconic sofa from the 'show about nothing.'

Show-Stealing Features: A soft blue “cloudlike” hue.

Why We Love It: Sleek track arms and giant pillows brought immaculate, modern style. Not bad for a New York bachelor!

Our Fondest Memory: A certain, ahem, eccentric character – with an upright hairstyle – bursting through the door. (This might have been less endearing if it weren’t for the fact that we often witnessed it from the comforts of Seinfeld's comfy blue couch.)

Other Seinfeld-Inspired Furniture:

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