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How Crystal Lamps Can Enchant Your Home

Lighten up your style with a crystal lamp, the hottest (and sparkliest) trend everyone’s talking about.

1. Crystal Lampshades

For an all-out glow, a crystal lampshade is your best friend. Opt for frosted crystal to elevate the hazy, dewy warmth.

2. Crystal Lamp Bases

Prefer the traditional fabric shade, but still like the look of crystal? You can have both, thanks to designs with crystal bases.

3. Crystal Lamp Sculptures

Crystal lamps come in all varieties of shapes and sizes, from tall columns to bulbous curves. Choose one (or ten) to beautify – and illuminate – your home.

Incorporate a Crystal Lamp Anywhere

The beautiful thing about crystal is that it is clear, so it goes with everything. Place it on your wood nightstand, glass dining room table, chrome countertops – it literally works everywhere. You can even use a crystal floor lamp on Grandma’s outdated vinyl tile from the 70s, and it will match.

Or, as a chic accessory to ‘brighten up’ the interior of that somewhat scary cave you and your friends found while hiking last weekend, and it will match. Or, as statement decor in your pantry, to refresh the ambiance of your rows of canned olives, boxed pasta and expired sauces – and it will match.

You can even set a picture of your favorite crystal lamp as your phone’s wallpaper, and we’re telling you, it will match all of your phone’s apps and icons.

The simple truth is that crystal (in a lamp or otherwise) is versatile, and no matter where you choose to incorporate it into your home, you can bet that it will blend in seamlessly while bringing its own gorgeous beauty.

Hope we’ve been clear!

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