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Five Gorgeous Dining Rooms with Bench Seating

Bring spacious seating to your dining area with benches! Here are our favorite ways to incorporate these gorgeous designs.

1. Bench + Host Chairs

Cozy up!

Your softball coach got it wrong – because this design proves getting benched is a good thing!

Family dinners get a classy ‘dinner party’ feel every evening – when you pair an elegant dining bench with refined host chairs.

Throw in three side chairs for good measure, and you have enough seating for a family of seven.

Love the look of this set, but wish there was room for just a few more seats? Simply add on extra chairs...
...but don’t try to crowd them around the same table. Instead, opt for a longer size, or one that extends.

2. Rustic Wood

Warmth for evening’s chill

Calm is in the air; look for traditional details like pedestal feet, sure to bring an air of familiar grace and make any guest feel at home.
Distressed tones and warm neutrals invoke the ambiance of a woodsy retreat.

3. The ‘Bench Chair’

For sleek support

After a long day, we can all use a good support system. Take a breather and slide into a dining bench that’s got your back – literally!
A bench with a backrest lets guests get as comfy as they want – so they can focus on the feasting.

4. Clean & Modern

Touchable elegance

A tapestry of bold patterns and textures makes a statement amidst the grounding presence of a modern dining bench.
A dining set with a monochrome black-and-tan bench keeps it clean and simple – and a pop of textural weaves adds intrigue.

5. Au Naturale

Airy and organic

Go long! Extra-spacious benches mean more room for dinner guests.
Running the entire length of the table, this dining bench takes the guesswork out of seat arrangements – while bringing a beautiful, natural air.

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