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Figurine Decor Ideas to Help You “Figure Out” Your Style

Shootin’ the breeze when it comes to style? These figurine decor tips will help you shape up in no time at all.

Nature, Nurtured

Nature holds tremendous decorating power; you need look no further than this statement wood buffet – brought to life by natural light, clay brick walls and stone-and-wood accessories.

Ambient Abstractions

While we may never know for sure just exactly what this metal knot sculpture means, we can always count on it to deliver a glamorous ambiance!

Golden Dreams

‘Staying golden’ is easy when you have this gilded bookcase – complete with shiny metallic decor – by your side!

Sealed with Elegance

If silver and teal were a Hollywood ‘it’ couple, would their celebrity couple name be “Tilver,” or “Seal”? Seems a toss-up to us – but either way, we’re loving the look!

Child’s Play

Remember the game of Jacks from childhood? This “knucklebones” piece may be a grown-up, sophisticated version of it – but it’s still just as whimsical and fun-loving as its toy counterpart!

Crossing Lines

Monochromatic geometric cube decor? Block yes!

Seeing Stars

If ‘star light, star bright’ is your jam, look the other way…because here, we’re all about star dark and tarnished!

Cactus Cooler

Give your desert dreams a golden revival…starting with metallic cactus figurines.

Crystal Clear

Clean cut lines are boring. Jagged lines are fun. Incorporate crystals amidst your shelf decor – the natural rock formations are as chic as anything and will give your space a fun edge (pun intended)!

Around the Globe

If you live to travel, let your shelves show it. Miniature globes, souvenirs, and travel-inspired books will keep the wanderlust vibes going strong.

Ready Orb Not!

Sometimes, a figurine doesn’t have to be “of” anything; even a few lines shaped into a ball can bring mesmerizing zen.

All for One

Figurine-aholic? This desk + hutch won’t fix the problem – but will make your collection feel organized and elegant!

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