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A Guide to Decorating with Houseplants

Decorating with houseplants will refresh the air – quite literally. Here are the plant corner ideas and decorative situations in which orchids, lilies, begonias, ivy and more will thrive.
Here, you'll find indoor corner plants (i.e., genera that will thrive inside). Happy decorating!


It’s not just for the holidays! Wrap a string of garland along a balustrade or railing for an outdoors-in feel. You can even get festive with the seasons – swapping out pinecones for summer florals, springtime pastels or fall leaves. While unusual, fresh garland looks beautiful – and will be sure to add a homey fragrance. Best for stairways, sideboard/buffet/dresser decor and even windowsills! (If you’re unsure about this trend, start with faux garland; faux types are available in almost every color and style, they're hassle-free and look just as good as the real thing.)

Bedside Tree

Place an air-detoxifying tree, a.k.a. the best plant for the corner of your house,  at your bedside. (Because nothing’s more important than a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary.)

Bookcase Leaves

The top of a shelf or bookcase is the perfect spot for a mid-sized vase or planter.

Chairside Fig

The bigger the leaves, the bolder the style!


Fern, ivy and other small-leafed plants are dainty and chic.

Kitchen Acquaintance

In the kitchen, skip the mini potted succulents. Go for a tall tree to boost the mood tenfold.

Home Office Greens

Eating your greens daily is important – but so is looking at them and breathing the air they infuse.

Houseplant Art

Celebrate your love of houseplants through botanical art! (Survival rate = 100%!)

Outdoor Pots

Houseplants aren’t just for indoors. Place them in a shady area of a patio or deck for a curated, low-maintenance garden.

Above the Bed

The great thing about floating shelves is the amount of space they take up: almost none! Use one to show off a small collection of succulents or cacti for bedroom zen.

Hangin’ Around

Convert your coat or hat rack into a houseplant rack!

Window Arbor

A windowsill comes alive when adorned with flora.

Living Wreaths

Like garland, wreaths are often associated with seasonal decor – but this chic, evergreen bedroom aesthetic is here to prove otherwise.

Common Types of Houseplants

When incorporating plants into your home décor, you’ll want to make sure they’re able to thrive in a low-sun or indoor environment. Here’s a list of common houseplants, popular for their low-maintenance needs:

  • Variety #1: Fern: Flowerless foliage, often with large fronds.
  • Variety #2: Ivy: Of “poison” fame; in houseplant varieties, climbs and hangs.
  • Variety #3: Fig: Features leaves with large veins known as ‘fiddle leafs.’
  • Variety #4: Begonia: Bright, colorful mini flowers, often red.
  • Variety #5: Succulent: Cactus and succulents are native to the desert and require the least amounts of water.
  • Variety #6: Peace lily: Large green leaves with gorgeous white petals; goes by the scientific name Spathiphyllum.

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