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Decor Ideas for Taurus Zodiac Sign

Ready for some cosmic inspiration? Taurus personality traits include patience, reliability and focus, and beget a certain aesthetic. Here, we’ve assembled a quick guide on our top Taurus product recommendations – including which colors and styles to avoid – and how to decorate accordingly.

About the Taurus Sign

An earth sign (the second zodiac sign) ruled by Venus and born April 21 to May 20, Taurus loves to be surrounded by the peaceful sounds and sights of nature. Taurus, symbolized by a bull, can be indulgent, stubborn and tough when needed! For all its external toughness, though, the Taurus often holds within it a gentle spirit.

Taurus Room Colors

A Taurus’s colors are pale blue and mauve, which connote the beauty and passion of earth. Pair these colors in the home with neutrals like beige, grey and light brown.

Taurus Style Ideas

Determined, you’ll want a space that helps you focus on getting these done. Create for yourself a home office space, where you can organize your thoughts and plan ahead. In all your rooms, incorporate live plants, and even consider a kitchen herb garden. In the bedroom, diffuse woodsy aromas like pine, cedarwood and citrus.

Taurus Room Decor . . . Here’s What to Avoid: Avoid bright red and plastic or polished materials. Favor warm neutrals, soft colors and organic materials. Avoid blank spaces (wall space, awkward corner spaces, empty rooms). Fill in the gaps with artwork, accent pieces and wall paints.
For Taurus wall decor, try textiles. Hang up a fabric tapestry, macramé or crochet piece in warm neutrals like beige, off-white and cream. Hang them up in entryways to greet guests with tangible comfort. In terms of art, try bucolic scenes of natural colors.

Taurus Wall Decor

50X38 Buffalo Gathering

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32X42 Into The Mist I

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