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Decor Ideas for Cancer Zodiac Sign

As a Cancer, your home is your happy place, and there’s nothing better than a cozy night in. Here’s how to decorate your space – according to the cosmos!

About the Cancer Sign

A water sign born June 21 to July 22, Cancer is all about comfort, security and peace. This sign is nurturing, sentimental and sensitive, and others are drawn to their maternal instincts.

Cancer Room Colors

Choose furniture and decor that is soft and inviting. Soft velvets, furs and leathers create an irresistible space guests just won’t want to leave. Try fresh colors that breathe relaxation; think whites, beiges and light greys, with sea green and silver as your splashes of color.

Cancer Style Ideas

You see home as a haven – so try a comforting, tender style like cottage-chic. Focus on the kitchen, living room and fireplace for cozy mealtimes, cozy entertaining and cozy relaxation, respectively. (Don’t have a fireplace? Try a fire pit, outdoors!)

Cancer Room Decor . . . Here’s What to Avoid: Cancers crave stability, so avoid trends. Stick to familiar designs, especially in round shapes. Choose curved edges – like a circular coffee table or oval dining table. Also, don’t let your love for interiors detract from your water sign roots. Forgetting to incorporate splashes of sea green can inhibit your instincts for imagination and creativity. Finally: Avoid clutter – which can be easy to give in to, due to your sentimental nature. Devote a storage piece, like a trunk or chest of drawers, to help you organize all of your mementos.
Let your walls showcase memories. Frame photographs of family and friends, children’s artwork, and shadowboxes of mementos. In terms of paint color, opt for soft beige or sea green.

Cancer Wall Decor

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