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Dark Dining Room Ideas

Leave light-and-bright for those with their heads in the clouds. You want style with a little more shadow, because moodiness brings an authentic energy you can see and feel. Here are three dark dining room ideas to get you there.
1. Dark Dining Chairs
A simple way to ramp up the saturation, dining chairs in black,brown or grey give off suave energy. Bring in a dark accent wall and warm wood table to reel in the effect.
2. Dark Accents
A little bit of darkness emits mystery, best enhanced by the details that accentuate your staples. Tinted wall art, tea light candle holders and even the winding paths carved by the grains in a marble table keep the vibe immaculate.
3. Dark Bar Stools and Benches
Last but not least, bar stools and benches fill in the blanks when your palette needs a boost. Color in the lines of your style book with black, brown or grey seating with a home bar set to match. When the lights are low and the hues are heavy, dining at home feels all the more sophisticated.

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