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Curio Cabinet Decorating Ideas to Fall in Love With

These curio cabinet ideas are top-shelf (pun intended, you’re welcome)! Get ready for a most chic way to display your favorites!

1. Black and White

Who needs ‘pops of color’ to have a good time? For sure not this black-and-white curio cabinet setup, which radiates joy through vintage accessories and farmhouse-style paneling. Black and white never felt so colorful!

2. Glass House

We all live in glass houses – including these decorative curio delights, which preside behind a sheer panel for all to see.

3. Floral Scrolls

When your decor feels flourished, so will you. In the cabinet above, soft lines and scrolled engravings give off a vintage, feminine feel.

4. Charcoal Finish

A curio cabinet in a cozy shade of weathered grey is kind of like a warm hug for your dining room.

5. Antique Details

Simple charm is the name of the game, if you’re after the country/cottage look. With graceful lines and vintage-inspired hardware, this spacious cabinet is an easy way to get there.

6. Rough Outlines

Sometimes, the outline can also be the main attraction. In this black-and-honey cabinet, the black framework defines – and steals the show.

7. Industrial Innovations

Metal + wood = mood, and not just because that’s literally the two words combined. A little bit gritty, a little bit edgy, the no-nonsense, no-worries pairing describes exactly how we want to feel – all the time.

8. One-of-a-Kind Designs

If you prefer taking the scenic route, swimming against the current, and traveling off the grid, a One Time Buy is for you. Made for our Elements collection, these curio cabinets are sometimes bold, sometimes eclectic, and always unique.

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