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Curio Cabinet Decorating Ideas to Fall in Love With

These curio cabinet ideas are top-shelf (pun intended, you’re welcome)! Get ready for a most chic way to display your favorites!

1. Black and White

Who needs ‘pops of color’ to have a good time? For sure not this black-and-white curio cabinet setup, which radiates joy through vintage accessories and farmhouse-style paneling. Black and white never felt so colorful!

2. Glass House

We all live in glass houses – including these decorative curio delights, which preside behind a sheer panel for all to see.

3. Floral Scrolls

When your decor feels flourished, so will you. In the cabinet above, soft lines and scrolled engravings give off a vintage, feminine feel.

4. Charcoal Finish

A curio cabinet in a cozy shade of weathered grey is kind of like a warm hug for your dining room.

5. Antique Details

Simple charm is the name of the game, if you’re after the country/cottage look. With graceful lines and vintage-inspired hardware, this spacious cabinet is an easy way to get there.

6. Rough Outlines

Sometimes, the outline can also be the main attraction. In this black-and-honey cabinet, the black framework defines – and steals the show.

7. Industrial Innovations

Metal + wood = mood, and not just because that’s literally the two words combined. A little bit gritty, a little bit edgy, the no-nonsense, no-worries pairing describes exactly how we want to feel – all the time.

8. One-of-a-Kind Designs

If you prefer taking the scenic route, swimming against the current, and traveling off the grid, a One Time Buy is for you. Made for our Elements collection, these curio cabinets are sometimes bold, sometimes eclectic, and always unique.

Top of Cabinet Décor Ideas

If you’re wondering how to decorate the top of cabinets, the answer is with whatever decoration is pleasing to you. The things that bring you joy to look at should be your main consideration, but there are some tips for making your over the cabinet décor ideas as aesthetic as possible (instead of cluttered-appearing).

First, think about spacing. More space and less objects is key to a pleasant aesthetic, especially if you’re decorating the top of kitchen cabinetry, as kitchens already have a lot going on – from stove to fridge to sink and everything in between. This means that two or three objects should be all you need over one cabinet; try a vase + a wine rack, for example (and if you have to have a third, a leaning piece of wall art is another popular choice).

Secondly, remember the three rules of décor: plants, plants, plants! Whether faux or real, leaves, branches and even petals add texture, life, color and dimension, without taking up a lot of space. They are also easy to bend and arrange, so that you can make them fit into whatever nook and cranny you need to fill. For the top of cabinets, a vase or planter with blooms is the perfect touch.

What to Put in a Curio Cabinet

Here are some of our favorite ideas for things to put in a curio cabinet:

  • Vases, planters, pots, jars and bottles
  • Baskets, basket trays, trays and platters
  • Figurines, sculptures, souvenirs, knick-knacks and other accessories
  • Plates, dishes, silverware, wedding china, and other heirloom tableware
  • Small framed photos of family or small framed art prints or poems/signs
  • Folded linens and other types of tablecloths; cloth napkins and placemats
  • Keepsakes and valuables, such as special gifts, jewelry, jewelry boxes or money (these should be kept in a non-see-through drawer!)

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