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11 Cabin Decor Ideas & Woodsy Inspiration

11 woodsy cabin decor ideas for coziest lodgings yet. Just add a crackling fireplace!

1. Warm Accents

In addition to making your beds, soft seating surfaces, and comfortable corners more inviting, throw pillows are great for theme decor. While bright colors in larger places – e.g. wall art, upholstery, and so on – might be overwhelming, a big of bright red buffalo check plaid fits right in on a cozy cushion. Don't be afraid to experiment with textures, either: some muslin or burlap is a great choice for adding a little masculine energy into a room.

2. Sweet, Woodsy Dreams

Cabins are best known for being cozy retreats, which means the bedroom is often the focal point. More than just an area to snooze, your cabin decor-inspired bed should be plush and inviting, and that means plenty of blankets and accent pillows. Consider tucking a folded quilt at the end of the bed, and piling up smaller pillows by the headboard for catching up with novels before bed.

3. Pops of Pillows

Small, elongated pillows aren't just great for sofas or chairs – they can also brighten up shelves! Smaller potpourri-stuffed sachets are ideal for echoing the plush, bright pops of color from larger pillows throughout the home. Try them on shelves or situated against hearths and backsplashes for festive decor with fragrance.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

Rough-hewn can actually be refined, in the right places! Add in decor pieces and storage solutions that use materials like unfinished wood, natural stains, and even weathered metal to give your cabin-inspired decor an air of authenticity throughout the home. Baskets are fantastic for both storage and toting things like books and board games from room to room.

5. On-Trend Draping

Blankets aren't just for extra warmth when the weather turns cold – they can also be an ideal trick for making modern furniture more "cabin cozy." Try keeping a few rough-knit blankets folded over the back of a couch or armchair, or use a thinner weave as an impromptu table runner along a hall table.

6. Glamping Inspo

Cabin decor can – and should! – incorporate softer touches, as well. Consider adding in mossy green velvets or earth toned corduroys, as well as tufted textures, for a beautiful contrast. Whether it's something as large as a headboard or as small as an ottoman, it will help balance out the stronger, bolder colors and materials in your decorating palette.

7. Green Light Greenery

Even if you elect for something a little more sleek and modern when it comes to your den or living room, remember to add in a little nature to tie it all together. A faux (or real!) evergreen or two, or a bowl of pinecones on a coffee table, for example. These small touches will help continue your theme, even if your furniture is a more updated style.

8. Antique Vibes

Even if they aren't 'real' antiques, incorporating decor pieces with that yellowed, aged look will help mellow out your cabin-inspired decor. Old compasses, globes, or even a framed local map or two will make your room seem like it's well-worn and inviting; perfect for a guest room, study, or bedroom.

9. Exposed Wood

Even if you aren't able to expose the wood of your walls naturally, building a "false front" with unfinished wood in a shiplap style will make any room feel like a cabin. Even thin slabs of wood will work, and you'll only need one accent wall to really make the look work. Whether you opt for yellow pine, cedar, or another type of wood, this natural touch makes all the difference.

10. Open Shelving

The interesting mix of inviting pieces and minimalist framework are what makes cabin-inspired home decor ideas so memorable. Open shelving allows for plenty of eye-catching display without the boxy feel of enclosed bookshelves or cabinets. It's also affordable, attractive, and modular – great for putting your personal spin on space.

11. Natural Light

Whenever possible, use natural lighting to bring out the best in your cottage decor pieces. Sheers or light-colored curtains, particularly when paired with handy tie-backs, will let you rise and shine with a smile every morning, whether your cabin-inspired retreat is deep in the woods or just on the outskirts of the city.

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