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Buffalo Plaid Decorating Ideas for Every Season

If you need a simple yet stirring style to shake up your home decor, buffalo plaid may be what you're looking for. Also known as buffalo check, this classic pattern uses wide, checkered plaid to contrast two different colors. While it's considered a hallmark of modern farmhouse decor, the style fits well in any home. Here are some top buffalo plaid decor ideas to try out.

Buffalo Check Blanket

Are you looking to breathe some life into your bathroom? Consider hanging up plaid patterned throw blankets. The buffalo check fabric offers a little pop of color, while the plaid design adds an extra layer of excitement to the room. This is an especially great way to brighten up bare white walls. Feel free to play around with the color scheme – you can stick with a traditional black, gray and white pattern or play around with more vibrant tones.

Buffalo Plaid Pillows

Buffalo plaid exudes comfort and coziness, which is why the style is becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms. You don't have to deck out your whole room in plaid to enjoy the style – instead, you can introduce it gently by placing a few buffalo check pillows on the bed. In addition to experimenting with different colors, try messing around with spacing. For example, one pillow could have standard, small checkers, while another could feature spaced out checkers and lines.

Black & White Checkered Living Room Rug

Use up empty floor space and spice up your interior design simultaneously by installing a rug. If you really want to grab attention, go with a pattern that's eye-catching, such as a black and white buffalo plaid check rug. The checkered design makes it an enticing, stand-alone furniture item, while the subdued colors help highlight other pieces in the room. You can pair the rug with solid furniture or match it with other plaid items, such as buffalo check curtains and pillows.

Buffalo Check Decor Tips

What makes buffalo check decor unique is the balance it strikes between elegance and excitement. It grabs attention and beautifies a space without being too distracting or intrusive. Of course, for the best results, you need to use these decor items carefully. Here are top tips for decorating with buffalo plaid.

Buffalo Plaid Decor Tip: Don't Overdo It

Whether you're decorating the living room or trying to add some flair to your bedroom, it's important not to overdo it when it comes to buffalo plaid. Otherwise, you risk the style overwhelming the entire space. Try to keep things simple by using this design for accessories, like pillows, blankets, upholstery, window treatments and doormats. If you do use plaid patterns for bigger furniture items (like ottomans or chairs), try to pair them with bare walls and simple furniture.

Patterned Throw Blanket

Do you want to add some buffalo check flair to your living room, but don't want the plaid pattern to dominate the entire space? If so, a checkered throw blanket may be exactly what your room is missing. Not only does it make the space look more appealing, but it's also functional. Not to mention, you can move it around your home and position it however you'd like. The blanket goes well with solid colored furniture items, like plain couches and armchairs.

Buffalo Check Bedspread

Your bedspread plays an integral role in the overall look and feel of your bedroom. It does more than provide comfort when you sleep – it also gives insight into your personality. Try showing off your fun side with a decorative, plaid bedspread. In addition to immediately catching the eye, it lets people know you're not afraid to get creative with style. You can stay classy with a simple black and white buffalo check look, or get innovative with anything from white and blue to red and black buffalo check blankets and pillows.

Buffalo Plaid Decor Tip: Prioritize Earthy Tones

When examining buffalo plaid furniture, you'll notice black and white is a particularly popular pairing. However, this doesn't mean you can't experiment with different colors. If you'd like your furniture and accessories to have a more vibrant appearance, feel free to incorporate any colors into a buffalo plaid pattern. For the best results, focus on earthy tones — buffalo plaid tends to go well with blues, reds and greens.

Checkered Home Decor Pillows

Throw pillows are fun (and useful) accessories that beautify your home and transform any couch from a plain furniture item to an exciting one. While you can use plain pillows, a buffalo check pillow will be a much more exciting addition to your room decor. Don't be afraid to play around with different styles – for instance, one pillow can have a uniform, black buffalo plaid design, while the other can be multicolored with spaced-out checkers. You could even pair a buffalo check pillow with different designs (such as with a solid, polka dot or striped pillow).

Buffalo Plaid Bedroom Rug

If you're bored with your current bedroom look, consider shaking things up with a new bedroom rug. For those with plain floors, a rug is fairly easy to install (as you don't need to replace any of your other furniture items). Plus, it serves as a unique decor piece. While there are plenty of rug styles to choose from, buffalo plaid rugs tend to be popular because they're not too plain or obtrusive. In other words, they attract attention without distracting from other furniture pieces.

Buffalo Check Decor Tip: Use Buffalo Plaid for Christmas Decor

If you like the idea of buffalo plaid, but don't want to use it for your everyday items, consider utilizing the style for your seasonal decor. During Christmas, many homeowners decorate their rooms with red and black or green and black plaid. You can use these buffalo check patterns for ornaments, wall hangings or even a Christmas tree rug. The end result is a festive yet simple decoration that's easy to construct.

Buffalo Check Decor Tip: Get Creative and DIY Your Decor Items

There's a reason why buffalo check is a big part of the farmhouse style. While it may be decorative and eye-catching, it's also simple and classy. To truly achieve the rustic feel, try DIY-ing some of your own items. For example, you could use burlap to make sturdy, plaid pillow covers or fabric to create a buffalo check table runner for your dining room table centerpiece. Don't be afraid to embrace your innovative side and let those creative juices flow!

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