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6 Boho Home Office Ideas

Creating a space for working in the home should inspire. Elements of your personality, dreams and goals can help remind you of why you work every day – and keep you on the road to success. Light wood furniture, plants, abstract wall art and breezy colors, all a part of the boho aesthetic, make the process simple. Relax your work-from-home life with these 6 boho office ideas.
1. Wooden Furniture Elements
Boho is breezy – so make sure to include light wood elements. An acacia wood desk makes the vibe float. Add in a white pencil holder, white desk clock, white vases and white paperweights to contrast colors. Bonus Boho Home Office Style Tip: White oak, maple and red oak are other wood species light in color and fit in well with boho vibes. Use a mixture of wood species – one in the desk and one in the chair, for instance – to create boho-approved contrast.
2. Leaning Framed Wall Art
Bohemian offices should feel casual – and nothing is more casual than wall art that never made it up to the walls! Lean your frames to create a boho-chic feel. Throw in a desk plant and an under-desk basket for texture. Bonus Boho Home Office Style Tip: If leaning frames, vary the frame sizes; lean a small frame in front of a larger one! Choose frames in a simple color to keep the focus on the art itself.
3. Abstract Shapes
Geometric and abstract shapes come from patterns all over the world. In a worldly aesthetic such as the bohemian, these shapes fit in perfectly. Turn up the bright and airy feel by keeping materials sleek – such as the glass-metal desk, above. Bonus Boho Home Office Style Tip: Go with light, bright colors to create a fresh feel. Watercolor as a medium feels both light and bright – perfect for when your bohemian office needs a refresher.
4. Hanging Tapestry
If you’re the kind of worker that doesn’t like to conform to the mold, let your wall art show it: skip the frame, go for the tapestry. This hanging piece of fabric sounds simple on paper, but up on an office wall, hits all the right boho notes. Bonus Boho Home Office Style Tip: The three rules of bohemian office spaces are Texture, Texture, Texture! Whether through wood furniture, plants, wool rugs, hanging tapestries, tasseled pillows, ceramic vases or leather books, the options are limitless.
5. Eclectic Collection
Show off your travels in your office space! A trove of vases, figurines, plants, art, books and dishes emit bohemian vibes. Try a desk with a large overhead hutch to fit in all you wish. Bonus Boho Home Office Style Tip: Include as many succulents as you can! Vases, planters and pots make the greenery easy to take care of – and help add style to nature.
6. Globes
An office isn’t just for working – it’s also for thinking, imagining and daydreaming. Incorporate a globe to set your mind off to distant lands; the boho style mandates it! Bonus Boho Home Office Style Tip: Vintage globes create a more mystical vibe, perfect for the bohemian look. Hanging maps, vintage explorer’s notes and other travel-related treasures also make the vibe.

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